Would you consider dating a late date?

Posted by Liam, 23 Aug 18

Being punctual on a date, especially the first date is important. However, there are so many people who can be quite fuzzy when it comes to timeliness.

Imagine having to hang out at some location, having to sip your wine slowly just because your date didn't bother to show up on time. Imagine having to look at your phone refreshing feed after feed. And there are some people who don't even bother calling to explain why they are running late.

I know that first date excitement might make you wait... especially if you are getting back on to the dating scene. You convince yourself that maybe this is a genuine person you could be passing on just because of your strict 'punctuality' rules. But how long should you really wait?

Your perfect partner could be online right now...

What are you looking for?

Well, I'd give someone a chance if they call beforehand saying they are running late. And by beforehand, I mean within 10 minutes. And when you finally show up, if I ask for an explanation, please be courteous enough to apologetically gove it.

Then there are those people who just don't have a punctual bone in them. So they don't see how they owe anyone an explanation. Would you sit through such a date? If you show up an hour late then tell me to relax, I think that should be the cue to leave, right?

If someone really wants to seriously date you, then they should take the first date serious enough to show up on time. They should be respectful of your time.

Being on time says a lot about someone's maturity. It says that this is a person you can rely on to be wherever they say they will be. This is where trust begins in a relationship. So, if someone is late on a first and/or second date and they become defensive, angry or they casually brush you off when questioned, I think its time to rethink whether you should take it to the next level.

What do you think?

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  1.   Prismatic says:
    Posted: 27 Aug 18

    I agree. I'll admit I'm not the best example for punctuality but I sure will be on time for a first date. And if it so happens I'm running late I will let the person know 10+ minutes ahead of time. You definitely should apologize once you arrive and not brush the person off when they inquire. It lets them know what you value more then keeping your appointment. I have some friends who are never punctual unless it relates to them (i.e. their job, their plans, school, etc.). It's annoying and selfish. If I can make it on time for something important to you why can't you do the same for me?

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