What do Latinas want? Coming from an actual Latina

Posted by Juan, 18 Sep 17

Model Lisa Ramos dishes out on Latino dating

When it comes to Latino dating, what do Latino’s want? Are there some dating rules that one needs to adhere to? What are the dating mistakes to steer away from? Well, Latina model, Lisa Ramos, (America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 1), has a thing or two to say about what Latinas expect in this modern dating world. And she seems to have the answers for us.

Thousands of her fans used to write to her when she was an expert panelist on MTV’s Guy Code. And all they were seeking for was some dating advice from her. To answer their questions, Ramos did this in style – through her book, "Pizza & Chill? How To Kind of Sorta Date"

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In this publication, she delves into the awkward stuff people experience in the modern dating world. And no matter the age or stage of dating, Lisa shows her fans that they are not alone. Most people do experience this awkwardness. Behind dating.

Lisa spoke with Modern Brown Girl. And during the interview, besides talking about her growing career, Lisa also dishes out about common dating mistakes people make and tells people where they can meet their future potential mates.

The idea for her book, "Pizza & Chill? How To Kind of Sorta Date" came about when she was on Guy Code. The show was centered around topics about men the principle code of conduct among them. The show stirred thousands of questions on Lisa’s social media profiles. Both men and women alike wanted to pick her brain on relationships and dating topics. They were asking about her perspective.

The topics ranged from first date outfits to how long one should wait before calling after the first date. And that is how this book was born. The book has answers to all the questions she got after several seasons on Guy Code. Lisa also included her own personal dating experiences and advice.

Here is what she had to say on how to date a brown girl:

"You have to like to eat! I love trying out different restaurants. Also, watch your tone! Our parents never accepted certain tones of voice when talking with them, so we learn not to accept it as well from others, especially in a relationship."

Now one other thing you need to probably know about dating a Latina is, more often than not, she will be late on date or event. So you gotta be patient with her. Apparently, if she says she is on her way, she probably has just left the shower. But much as she might appear late for the date, your Latina date will knock the socks off your feet with her final look... You will be glad you were patient.

Now when Lisa speaks about ‘watching your tone’, she is probably telling you to steer clear of words like ‘feisty’ or ‘spicy’ too. And expecting her or asking her to call you ‘papi’ or speak Spanish when you are having sex is something she will definitely not appreciate. It comes off as you fetishizing her for being Latina.

Also, know that she doesn’t expect you to speak Spanish to her. So, if she also speaks English, then don’t feel the pressure to learn her language. However, it might come in handy when you meet her Spanish-speaking relatives which she might introduce them to you pretty early into the relationship.

In Lisa’s opinion, the number one mistake anyone can make on a first date is going too fast. She advises taking things slow to avoid regrets later. She also advises people to put themselves out there and attend various events to increase the chances of meeting someone.

One important thing you need to remember is that Latina’s are proud of being Latina and their heritage is very important to them. So if you really like this Latina girl, then show a little interest in her culture and her background. Ask reasonable questions so that you don’t appear to be fetishizing or stereotyping her. And never insinuate that she does ‘something’ because she is Latina.

Lisa draws her inspiration from the women in her life and everyone in her family. They have been supportive of her. Well, hope her advice on Latino dating was helpful.

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    Love Latinas!

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    I’d like to see an article from a Latin male perspective. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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