Top 10 wrong times to hear the words "Will you marry me?"

Posted by Liam, 26 Jun

There are moments that are just NOT the time to ask someone: Will you marry me? I know there are times some of us romantics get carried away with emotions. I mean the excitement of thinking about spending time with the person you are in love with can sweep you off your feet. But is the right time for the other person to hear you ask them that big question? See, as exciting as you might be feeling, timing is everything. It has to be right. I know of some proposals that have triggered fights and even led to breakups of very good relationships. Sometimes, proposing at the wrong time prompts awkward conversations and makes people start questioning the feelings of their partner. We want that when you ask someone for their hand in marriage, they are itching to say "Yes".

Well, scroll on for the absolutely wrong times to propose.

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These are not times for proposing to a girl!

Now when you do your will you marry me proposal, its a moment of panic for men. Even those confident that the woman loves them usually get relieved when she says "Yes". There are those times you think that that is what's going to happen. The feeling is just right. But sometimes we see what we want to see. We start looking for signs that the girl wants to get married. So we end up getting the wrong hints. We project, and insert more meaning into signs than what they really are.

When you ask a woman to marry you, you do so because you believe they want the same too. But some men get a "No!". Some never see the woman again. There are those times where our intuition shouldn't be trusted. And this is why Date Who You Want has compiled for you the 10 moments to NEVER do a wedding proposal:

1. During sex:

Now, we all know that sex sometimes can make us have mixed emotions. And especially when you are about to have an orgasm,  you don't want anything to come in the way of you coming - not even a wedding proposal. So dude, if you as a woman who is about to come if she will marry you, she will say yes. It's the orgasm taking. She just doesn't want the 'No' to get in the way. Chances are she will later tell you that she was caught up in the moment and needs to think about it.

2. Via text:

You might think you are being adorable but no woman pictures her proposal to be via text. No matter how many will you marry me signs you have dropped and how much you think she is ready, texting isn't the way. Don't make the next time you meet uncomfortable if she doesn't say "yes".

3. Funeral:

Dude! Didn't your mother teach you how to propose to a girl? So seeing someone you love go through pain might arouse emotions of wanting to be there for them for life.  Trust me, this is not the place to play your will you marry me songs. It will come off as manipulative.

4. What are we talk:

So she has asked you what you are. All she wants to know is if you are exclusive or not. Don't take this to mean that she wants a proposal. Trust me, this is not one of the will you marry me signs.

5. In your drunken state:

Now, this one depends. If you had a drink or two to calm your nerves then it's fine. Bult when you completely wasted?!!! If she is also wasted, she will say yes. And she will probably deny it the following day because she won't remember any of it. If you are the one wasted, she won't take you seriously!

6. Will you marry me movie:

Don't use a movie that has a marriage proposal to do it for you! And don't even try quoting or copying one. Just style up and do it your own way.

7. You just got out of another relationship:

No matter how fine and ready to move on you feel, you are not ready for marriage. Don't think you can jump out of a longterm relationship into a marriage without emotional baggage. Plus, what woman will tell you yes? Maybe one who is emotionally unstable. It will never be genuine. The girl will see it as a rebound and run!

8. When Grieving:

If you just lost someone, you are either going to get "yes" just because you are going through tough times or a "let's talk about this when this is over".

9. On your birthday:

How selfish can you be? Who will you marry with this strategy?

10. Birthday speech:

You might think its romantic but most women hate public proposals. Don't coerce her to say yes just because she doesn't want to embarrass you.

Hope that when you ask someone for their hand in marriage, they are itching to say "Yes".

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