Sex in medieval times: How people had sex back then

Posted by Akila, 10 Jul 17


Medieval sex: A look at the surprising history of sex and love.

Aren’t you interested as I was to find out how medieval sex was? You might be wondering whether the act has changed over the decades? One might wonder. Are we having more sex? Have we gotten better at it?

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When were the medieval times?

This was the era between the 5th and 15th century A.D. in the history of Europe. This era was also popularly known as the middle ages. Looking at the history of sex, scientists believe humans have become better at it. Besides that, people are looking at sex differently. Our cave ancestors were using sex mainly for procreation. But this doesn’t mean they didn’t enjoy the act since our anatomy hasn’t changed for thousands of years.

Our sexuality is hard wired. And just as we seek food when hungry, we seek to satisfy our lust when the urge comes. Looking at the sex history, it’s not easy to say whether a couple in a medieval marriage enjoyed sex more or less than today.

Speaking of sex and dating, today times have become complicated. Sometimes we find ourselves not sure whether we are doing things right. Other times, it’s hard to draw the line between what is kinky and what is immoral where sex is involved.

But trust me, you will be pleased to know how lucky you are that you didn’t live during the medieval times. Besides the falling of empires and killer plagues, people had pretty weird notions about sex.

Crazy things you probably didn’t know about medieval sex:

1. Celibacy was key

Well, the story here is that during the middle ages, people had less sex because of the restrictions brought about by the church and its definition of morality. Sex was not an option. People were punished for breaking these rules. Adultery and gay sex were outlawed. Women had their heads shaved for fornicating and sentenced to life in prison.

2. Sexual Positions

Seeing as this era was heavily pegged on upholding morality, the missionary position was the only position allowed. Sex was mainly considered for procreation. Any position other than the missionary was considered, unnatural, hence sinful. The only exception was in the case of severe obesity.

The sin for deviant sexual behavior was punishable; even up to 3 years’ imprisonment.

3. Contraception

Now this one will make your eyeballs pop. And speaking of contraception, the middle ages did have condoms. The creepy bit about them is that they were made from animal bladders tied with twine. Yikes. And once done, you could reuse your condom over and over again. This takes creepy to an all-time high.

4. Erectile Dysfunction

Well, the church had a group of private investigators and wise to probe the cause behind a husband’s erectile dysfunction. So these PI’s would examine one’s general health to see if the penis could be brought back to life.

5. Sex Toys

Surprised as you might be, they had the dildo in the middle ages. It was the most popular toy. Even more surprising is how they came up with the name. Well, these people had some loaf of bread made flavored with dill. “DillDough”. Get it? However, women still used to get punished for using the “dough” lol; 5 years’ imprisonment.

When examining a history of sex, we can’t talk about it without mentioning the country of India. It has played a central role. Some of the earliest literature on sex was written in India. Indians used literature and art to educate people about sex.

When looking at a history of sex, there is always the mention of the infamous literature of Kamasutra. The sixty-four arts of love and pleasure began in India. Sexual pleasure was seen as a sexual duty of partners in order to maintain a marriage.

Clearly, since the before, people have always been innovative with their sexuality. There are very many sex trends which date back to the B.C. years. Apparently, some of the things we do now when having intercourse aren’t new. Some of the things we consider freaky today were considered pretty ordinary.

For instance, can you believe the Egyptians had a fascination with oral sex as far as 3100 B.C.? So next time you think you are doing something new and freaky, remember, it might have been borrowed from medieval sex.

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