Ready to meet the "Asian Playboy"?

Posted by Ando, 03 Apr 18

"If I at 5’5, a basically unattractive Asian guy, can do it, then you can do it"

Yes... that is how JT Tran, the ABCs of Attraction begins his article. Well, who wouldn't read it after that? Apparently, he is "the world’s number one Asian dating coach." All he wants to do is " restore the confidence of Asian men who feel unattractive and unsuccessful with the opposite sex."

Well... he seems to be doing a pretty good job. Apparently, he can turn the "most fobby Asian into a total player."

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He didn't have easy either. Tran openly admits that his height and physique weren't working to his advantage in the dating world. His younger self used to approach women who were 10s. (1 is least here). And they never picked him. Then he figured, why not do 5s. Still no results. So he desperately decided to just be open to dating ANY woman saying:

“At this point I was desperate. Some guys can commiserate with that. So I was like ‘alright I’ll choose everyone, even if she’s got a snaggletooth or a mole and a hunchback. I will choose everyone with no discrimination’. I got the results back and no one chose me. I did everything but apparently, I still sucked.”

It then dawned on him. Maybe he was the problem.

When reading this article what came out strongly was: NEVER GIVE UP! Tran continues...

“I committed the two cardinal sins of dating: 1) being short 2) being Asian,”. And much as rejection hit him hard at times, he dusted himself up and soldiered on... “There were times where I would go home and cry after being rejected. But the next day I would get up, get back on the horse and keep trying.”

Tran admits that his race has largely played a part in his dating flops. So he decided to be the coach that deals with problems of the Asian man. And one of them is "inferiority complex".

“I’d never thought of making this as a company or career but the demand was there.

I started getting thousands and thousands of followers... My fellow Asian brothers needed my help because they would tell me stories of being harassed by racists and being rejected by Asian girls saying they’re not into Asian guys or white girls also saying they’re not into Asian guys.

To me, it went beyond picking up girls. It became a social movement.”

He also points out how Asian men aren't viewed as sexy by Americans. He says: “Growing up you can have a lot of limiting beliefs, eg. ‘I know white girls don’t find Asian guys attractive so I’m not even going to try’.”

For Asian women, things are different. They get to date whoever finds them attractive. Blacks. White men. Asians.

"But if I as an Asian man limit myself to only Asian girls and those numbers are dwindling, I am shooting myself in the foot", he adds.

He believes it all lies in the social construct. Apparently, Asian born and bred men have got more confidence than Asian American men. And he has more Asian American clients.

“An Asian American guy with very deep limiting beliefs that affect his confidence, that goes into a larger deconstruction of societal conditioning. It’s more of a mental game. It’s almost a form of therapy to deconstruct his beliefs so he can build himself up and take the action where his belief set does not hold him back.”

Apparently, teaching an Asian who has lived in China or Korea is much easier. It's just grooming, fashion and how to approach women. None of that mental stuff. In Asia, they are the "apex male".

His Asian male students are doing much better. They are getting out of their comfort zones.

Tran concludes...

“If I can help these individuals, even if it’s the pursuit of their own happiness. By being successful at it, they themselves can affect a positive turn to our Asian society.”

“If I can give practical advice to every Asian guy looking at this: go big or go home. If you are looking like a stereotype. If you’re short like me or you’re Asian or not classically good looking because you’re thin or fat or balding or old, go big or go home.”


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  1.   TarzansJane says:
    Posted: 09 Apr 18

    I find MEN attractive. Asian, Caucasian, Black, Brown, MEN are attractive. The attraction for me is the whole person. If he smiles and likes my jokes, my eyes, and my brain keeps him engaged for more than five minutes then it's a win-win.

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