Most Popular Sex Position Names

Posted by Akila, 02 Jan 17

Best Sex Position Names - How To Be The Best At Them

What are the best sex position names and how to get started? One would ask. There are numerous sex positions imaginable to the human brain. So long as you can picture it and both of you can hack it, then it’s a position. Some are super unusual. But there is nothing unusual about how you have sex. All that matters is that you enjoy it.

The best sex positions aren't the ones that leave you with a twisted hip. The very best are the ones that give you great pleasure and maximum satisfaction. They are the ones that are relaxing to both partners. Sex is supposed to be enjoyable. It shouldn't feel like a chore.

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Much as variety is key, the most popular positions are known to be the best. No gymnastics are required. They just feel natural. Below are 5 of the best known to coital history.

Most Popular Sex Position Names - Infographic

1. Missionary Position

Just as the name suggests, the missionary position is the most traditional way of having sex. It is the default sex position. It is the most natural for human beings. Usually, the man is on top of the woman. Much as it is simple, there are various variations of it which can guarantee maximum pleasure.

The beauty about the missionary position is that it allows eye contact between the partners. It also makes it easier for couples to kiss while having sex. Here the man has dominance. It allows a man to easily thrust and pull out if he wishes.

Done well, the missionary also applies pressure to the clitoris. Here, the man should go much deeper with a woman to ensure maximum satisfaction and her pleasure. A varied position to it is having a woman's leg up your shoulders. A woman can spread her legs all she wants to allow deeper penetration.

2. Doggy Style

The dog seems to be more than a man's best friend. We are even getting sex tips from them and naming sex positions after them. This is when one is having sex with their partner from behind. Normally, the woman is on her fours and the man gets in on her from behind. If anal is your kind of thing, the doggy style offers plenty of access.

The doggy also provides maximum penetration. However, it offers less intimacy since there is no eye contact and it makes it harder to kiss during sex.

The beauty of it is that a man can fondle the woman's breasts perfectly. A man is also able to have plenty of clitoral access for her pleasure. A woman can also stimulate her own breasts and clitoris while a man is penetrating her. This heightens the pleasure and orgasmic build up. And if you like fantasizing about having sex with other people, then your partner's face won't get in the way.

The doggy can be done with the woman on fours, lying down, standing or even kneeling. You can even bend her over a table and hump her.

3. Her on top

If you like giving up control, then having your woman on top is your ideal position. Also if you were the one steering round one and two, then having her steer round three will save you much exhaustion. This gives a woman control over how slow or fast she wants you. It also gives her control over the intensity and angle of penetration.

This position is versatile as it allows both parties thrust control. Also, it allows for eye contact if you want it. You get to enjoy your woman's body as she thrusts up and down and you get to fondle her breasts while at it.

A variation of it is when the woman has her back at you and you get a view her behind. You can also have her lying on you.

4. Standing Position

This speaks for itself: Having sex in a standing position. This normally happens when things have become too heated for the two of you to get yourselves to bed. And if you are into public sex, then you have definitely done it standing up.

The thing with standing sex is, you don't even have to have your clothes off. It's the perfect right-here-right-now position. You can hit it from behind. And if she happens to be light enough, you can carry her and have her legs wrapped around you. If you are doing her from behind, you get plenty of access to her boobs and clit.

5. Oral Sex Position

In order to enjoy sex, sex doesn't always mean penetration. You can pleasure yourselves orally. Whether you are giving it, receiving it or both, it is one sure way to guarantee pleasure. Studies have reported that women enjoy oral sex more than they do penetration.

With oral sex, you can do it to him until he climaxed and he can do it to you until you do. It can be done both standing or lying down. To spice things up, the 69 position, where a man and woman lie on different sides of the bed. The 69 is an intense position as it tends to test concentration. Can you receive and give pleasure at the same time?

The good thing with oral sex, especially for women is the orgasms are just off the hook. Just remember to get your teeth out of the way.

Well, there you have it. Now that you have the sex position names, be sure to try them out and feel free to get creative while at it.

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