Man jailed for beheading an Asian woman he met on a dating app!

Posted by Ando, 27 Jan

What has the world come to? What would make a person perform such a vile act?

One Yevgeniy Vasilievich Bayraktar, of Long Island, New York, was sentenced on Tuesday in Japan for strangling and dismembering the head of a Japanese woman he met on an online dating app. The sentence is 8 years in prison. (Well, if you ask me, the sentence should have been harsher. This guy deserves never to see the light of day).

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So why such a light sentence?

The dude was not charged for murder since the prosecutors couldn't prove that Bayraktar intended to murder Kondo. He was instead indicted for manslaughter and abandoning the body of the victim. WTF? What more did they need if he admitted to strangling her!!!??

Kondo's father was also disappointed by this sentence telling Japan Today that it was not enough for the crime he committed saying:  “The sentence is too light and the truth remains unknown.”

The first arrest was made when police found Kondo's head in a suitcase at one of the apartments in Osaka rented by Bayraktar. He then took the police to the mountainous region of Osaka where he had buried the victim's torso and arms. Her legs were found somewhere in Kyoto.

Apparently, he showed remorse in court saying: “I will be burdened with this crime until the day I die. I am so sorry.”

This is unbelievable! And the remorse is what got him the 8-year sentence. Much as he is behind bars, I don't think the lady got the justice she deserved. What do you think?

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  1. Posted: 13 Feb 19

    That sentence was waaaaay too light?! In 8 years time he will be out and about doing his thing. Yet the poor woman's family will forever be haunted by the gruesome death of a loved one.

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  2.   Bikiita says:
    Posted: 28 Jan 19

    He should have been given a life sentence. How do you give 8 yrs of prison to a murderer?

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    • Gdluckcharm says:
      Posted: 31 Jan 19

      I agree with you Bikiita 100%. He definitely should have gotten life. If you don't like the person you're dating, be a man or woman and walk away. There are too many people in this world to dwell on just one.

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