Kanye West seemingly admits to cheating on Kim Kardashian during their marriage

Posted by Liam, 04 Sep

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Wait – did Kanye West just admit to cheating on Kim Kardashian while they were married?

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Kanye West’s tenth studio album, Donda, has been released for a whole week now, but there’s one track that seems to be getting a lot more attention than others.

And that track is Hurricane, which fans believe reveals a lot of secrets about the rapper and fashion designer…

In the not-so-subtle lyrics, the 44-year-old musician raps about a “new chick” – who sources have already confirmed is NOT Irina Shayk, who he dated for a few months earlier this year – and the fact that he was still “playin’ after two kids”, which is almost certainly in reference to his two eldest children, North West, 8, and Saint West, 5.

Take a look at some of the shocking lyrics – which seem to very obviously confirm that he cheated on Kim Kardashian after she had given birth to North and Saint – below…

“Here I go actin' too rich / Here I go with a new chick

“And I know what the truth is / Still playin' after two kids

“It's a lot to digest when your life always movin'”

Kanye West also appeared to hint that, despite owning a $60 million dream house which was even featured in Architectural Digest in February 2020, and having a wife and four children to go home to, he rarely spent any time there…

"Architectural Digest, but I needed home improvement

“Sixty-million-dollar home, never went home to it.

"Genius gone clueless, it's a whole lot to risk."

What do you make of these very telling lyrics?

According to insiders, the revelations are Kanye’s way of coming clean about his past, with a source telling People that the lyrics are “Kanye's testimony of everything he did wrong and his apology and taking accountability."

“The song is in a way his testimony of everything he did wrong and taking accountability for their marriage breakdown,” another source shared with Page Six.

Do you think Kim Kardashian knew about his infidelities – and the fact that he would be broadcasting them to the world – before she agreed to show up to the Donda listening party in a wedding dress?

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