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Dating White Men - “Mr. Chivalry” Needed a “Meisha Makeover” | Swirlr - Meisha & Bernardo Dating White Men - “Mr. Chivalry” Needed a “Meisha Makeover” | Swirlr - Meisha & Bernardo Dating White Men - “Mr. Chivalry” Needed a “Meisha Makeover” | Swirlr - Meisha & Bernardo

“Mr. Chivalry” Needed a “Meisha Makeover”

Meisha was drawn to dating online by the convenience factor. “I found it to be a quick outlet for meeting new people,” she explains. “And I was able to read a little bit about them first, to see if they were worth chatting with.”

Meisha didn’t just HOPE that online personals could work for her; it HAD worked for her in the past. “Well, I met my ex of two years online, so I figured a spark could happen again,” she informs us.

For Bernardo, the decision had more to do with a deal he couldn’t refuse. “Awhile ago, you guys were offering a lifetime membership, so I joined!” His first priority was not romance, but making new friends. “I met a couple of nice people, as friends, but I really wasn’t into dating online. I saw it more as a social network for sharing common interests and hobbies.”

That being said, it’s still surprising to learn that Bernardo was a member of our site for more than seven years before he met Meisha. His tenure almost matched that of a two-term President of the United States!

By contrast, Meisha was with us less than seven months before receiving a Flirt from “Mr. Chivalry.” Behind the username was Bernardo. “First, I flirted with Meisha,” he says. “Then I sent her a casual message, not thinking she would reply. I was thinking, ‘here’s this gorgeous young lady, and she’s not going to be into me.’”

But she was! Meisha remembers thinking, “He was kinda cute, and he had honesty in his eyes.” She says he was “quite similar, in terms of looks,” to what she considered her “type.”

They exchanged information, continued their correspondence, and then moved on to actual conversations. “After talking countless hours on the phone, I had to meet this guy who made me laugh! I definitely wanted to know more about him,” declares Meisha.

Bernardo was certainly ready to take the virtual vibing into the physical plane. “I really wanted to meet her,” he says. “She was a terrific person, and we had great mutual chemistry.”

Once they were in the same room together, Meisha saw room for improvement in her date’s appearance. “I thought he looked like a nerd. But he just needed a Meisha makeover,” she laughs.

Bernardo had no such reservations about her. “I thought she had a beautiful smile,” he recalls. “She was what I expected! And she was friendly.”

Meisha knew she’d made a good impression. Asked what surprised her the most about that night, her response is “how big his eyes could get.” Bernard’s answer to that question is “how we got along so easily.”

Was Meisha thinking they’d get together again? “After our first kiss, most definitely,” she says. For his part, Bernardo was “100% certain” he’d like to see Meisha again, and soon.

Over time, Meisha was increasingly impressed with Bernardo’s kind and loving disposition. She says that “how sensitive and sweet he is” didn’t come across in his profile. “It makes me look forward to being with him every day!” What her profile didn’t prepare Bernardo for was Meisha “being as down to earth as she was.”

So what are Meisha’s words of wisdom for unattached singles? “It’s good to have strong values that guide you into finding your partner,” she says. “Don’t settle, but also be adventurous – you never know who might steal your heart.”

Bernardo tells online daters to “take a chance, but know what you want. Here’s the most important part, though – look at the inside, not only the outside.”

This couple has more than an outside chance of staying together for a long time to come.

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