Mixed Couples

Mary & Thomas -
Florida, United States

Married July 2014

Mixed Couples - He Bought a Ring After Date No. 1 | Swirlr - Mary & Thomas Mixed Couples - He Bought a Ring After Date No. 1 | Swirlr - Mary & Thomas Mixed Couples - He Bought a Ring After Date No. 1 | Swirlr - Mary & Thomas

He Bought a Ring After Date No. 1

The people behind the profile handles “Mountie21” and “Armywil1359” are now man and wife, but it took the techno-magic of the Internet to connect them. Here’s what inspired Mary to try it out… “I had been single for a long time and did not have time to go on dates,” she says. “Your site was my first experience with online dating.”

As a single guy interested in exploring the possibility of an interracial relationship, Thomas was impressed by the array of options we could offer him. “Your site provided greater access to more people than the local scene,” he says.

While she had high hopes of finding love on the other side of a screen, Mary was “not at all” convinced she would actually be successful. Thomas says he was “very confident,” however. It didn’t hurt that he took a proactive approach… “Thomas reached out first, via email,” Mary says. She felt that the essence of his humanity came through in his profile and their earliest interactions.

“Mary’s beauty caught my eye first,” Thomas admits. That said, it was the totality of her that told him they were a great match. But the getting-to-know-you process took time. “We had months of contact before meeting,” Thomas recalls. As the calendar pages kept turning, they were increasingly encouraged by their first impressions. Mary tells us that “the conversations were great, the chemistry was right. I thought he was good looking, polite and down to earth.”

With no reason not to, they made arrangements for their first date. “I was always ready to meet her,” Thomas tells us. He remembers his reaction to Mary in the flesh. “Stunningly beautiful, great smile, and so hot!” She thought he was “Gorgeous, tall. Lovely eyes. Just so good looking!”

Their evening together proved to be a special one. “The chemistry was great in every sense of the word, and in all aspects,” reports Mary. Thomas was surprised at how much fun they had, saying “it went better than expected.” He was certainly ready to see her again. “I knew she was a keeper!”

Mary was really into him and didn’t want to blow it. “I was open to anything. I did not want to raise expectations. I hoped it would last forever, though!”

Little she did know, Thomas was putty in her hands. Not only was he “positive” they would go out a second time, he was convinced they were destined for long-term love. “I bought an engagement ring,” he confesses.

So it was full steam ahead! We asked if there’s anything they appreciate about each other that didn’t come across in the profile. “Her personality was more exposed [in real life],” answers Thomas. “And she was even more beautiful than her profile picture!” Mary notes that “he’s very peaceful and patient with me, and not necessarily with everyone else.”

So what about that ring Thomas bought? When did it come out of the box? The duo were on vacation together when proposal night came. Mary says he popped the question “on one knee, in a hotel room. It was a complete surprise when he went to one knee! I did not realize what was happening.”

While Mary is “very similar” to the mental picture Thomas had of his future spouse, she didn’t expect to get hitched to someone like him. He was very different from who I thought I would date or marry,” Mary reveals. “I surprised myself!”

Now that she’s with Thomas, though, Mary wouldn’t change a thing. “I enjoy the partnership and just doing things with one person I truly love,” she says. “It has taught me to be more giving, loving, and patient. It also has taught me that the world does not revolve around me only.”

Thomas is still basking in the glow of his dream come true. “I am very happily married, still in love, and I have exactly the woman I was looking for!” he exclaims.

Did their dating experiences teach them anything that might be helpful to others? “Be patient and do not rush,” advises Mary. “The right one is out there somewhere and when you meet him, you will know. It won’t be long to engage/marry.”

For the men out there, Thomas suggests a focused approach. “Do not try to talk to too many women at once,” he says. “Find the one you like the best and concentrate on her.”

While the story of Thomas and Mary is a model case, we definitely don’t advise buying a ring after one date!

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