Black Women Looking For White Men

Sarah & Terry -
Montana, United States

Black Women Looking For White Men - He Met His Cuddly Mud Bogger | Swirlr - Sarah & Terry Black Women Looking For White Men - He Met His Cuddly Mud Bogger | Swirlr - Sarah & Terry Black Women Looking For White Men - He Met His Cuddly Mud Bogger | Swirlr - Sarah & Terry

He Met His Cuddly Mud Bogger

The draw of online dating is the chance to meet someone you wouldn’t otherwise encounter. As Sarah puts it, “I felt I was not finding the right person by just ‘getting out there.’ I felt he could be anywhere in the world, so why limit myself to just the area I travel everyday?”

So were we her first online personals community? “No, this was not my first time using an online dating site,” she confides. “I had tried [a leading dating site] a few times and never found anyone serious about a relationship.”

Terry says he ventured online “to meet my dream girl. This was not my first time trying online dating!” Despite his level of experience looking for love on the Web, he says he was ‘not very confident’ that he would meet Ms. Right anytime soon. Like Terry, Sarah didn’t have the highest of hopes. She says she was “not very confident, because of the failures on that other site.”

Still, in a matter of months these two had found each other. “I reached out to him with a Flirt,” Sarah recalls. “He seemed extremely genuine. Very funny and relaxed.”

Terry was taken with his new online friend. “I thought she was beautiful, and we had a lot in common,” he says. Their initial conversations were rewarding. “I noticed I felt a strong connection with her.”

So when did they decide they were ready to meet for a date? “When we would talk for over eight hours straight,” laughs Sarah. Yes, that’s a pretty good sign!

As they exchanged in-person greetings, Sarah thought “he looked way better than his photos let on.” And his pix weren’t painful to look at, either. What Terry didn’t expect was “that we were so much alike.” He had a good feeling about this right away. His assessment of their date was that “this could really be The One!”

There was one surprise that wasn’t as happy… “He smoked more than he let on,” Sarah says disapprovingly. Hopefully he’s kicked the habit.

After the hot start, both singles were “very sure” this wasn’t the end of the line for them. They had a full-fledged relationship going in no time. As they got to know each other better, Sarah was pleased to learn that “he cooks and likes to go mud bogging!”

Something Sarah’s profile didn’t convey was “how lovable and cuddly she is.” Terry adds that she is very similar to what he considered to be his “type.” Since meeting her, there is more “traveling, adventure and fun” in his life. Sarah is pleased to say that she’s “met a lot of new people” since their circles began to overlap.

To current members of our site, Sarah suggests an upfront approach. “Be open and honest,” she says. “Clarity on your profile helps. Give it time and talk first via Skype or something like that.” Terry tells people not to give up on finding love. Life’s biggest victories are rarely achieved without effort and perseverance.

That said, the eight-hour phone conversations are optional!

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