Interracial Couples Success Stories

  • Katie & Ezra

    “The Princess and the Knight”

    So how exactly did “EbonyKnight8” sweep the princess “SassyPants33” off her feet? In this fairy tale the knight’s real name is Ezra and our sassy heroine is Katie. “I was working all the time and needed a way to get to know someone better before a first date,” says Katie to explain… read more

  • Holly & Tony

    “How a Shy Hermit Came Out of His Shell”

    Here’s how a reclusive gamer and an outgoing gal got together after meeting on our site. To explain her decision to join, Holly says, “I wasn’t meeting decent guys in real life. So I thought I would give it a shot. This was the first dating site for me!” Tony considered online dating a ti… read more

  • Lestra & Philip

    “It All Fell into Place”

    How did the decision to post a dating profile lead to Lestra and Philip’s nuptials? Well, it all began with Lestra selecting the username “Leslu” and Philip choosing “Pwelect.” Motivated by her “desire to find a suitable mate,” as Lestra puts it, she felt “fairly confident” the new… read more

  • Velda & Sanel

    “Not Too Much Fluff and Foam”

    A certain dating profile with the handle “Lotus32” intrigued Sanel. Velda posted it on our site because her search for love had proven fruitless so far. “I was at my wits’ end,” she admits. “Your site was my first experience with online dating, but I knew I needed to do something differe… read more

  • Karen & Mike

    “Accepting Fate Accepting Fate”

    Karen became a member of our site because she felt ready for a change. “I wanted to expand my options in looking for my soul-mate,” reports Karen. She was “not confident” that online dating would really move the needle for her, though. Maybe she should have been! A mere two weeks after po… read more