Interracial Love

LaShella & Darryl -
Houston, Texas, United States

Interracial Love - Darryl’s Lucky Day
 | Swirlr - LaShella & Darryl Interracial Love - Darryl’s Lucky Day
 | Swirlr - LaShella & Darryl Interracial Love - Darryl’s Lucky Day
 | Swirlr - LaShella & Darryl

Darryl’s Lucky Day

“My first experience was with your site,” says LaShella of her first foray into online dating, let alone a site that specializes in interracial romance. “I wanted to try a different approach, and my friends kept suggesting that I try it!”

We were also Darryl’s first Internet personals experience. “I wanted to put myself out there, to be more available,” he explains. “I wanted to give it a try and see what would happen.”

We asked them if they were confident about their prospects. “I wasn’t very confident,” admits LaShella. “I wasn’t too confident, either,” laughs Darryl.

And yet, the very same day he signed up for his membership — and created a profile with the username “DeeWise” — Darryl was contacted by another newly minted member on our site. “HerSmile” had been with us for “less than one month” at that point.

LaShella remembers the particulars of how they met… “(HerSmile) reached out to (DeeWise) by sending a Flirt (a rose),” she writes. “I liked his personality and the way he presented himself through conversation. I sensed a peace when I would talk to him.”

Here’s what drew him to her. “I really liked what I saw, reading her profile,” Darryl recalls. “It was very detailed. She seemed like exactly the type of girl I was looking for.”

LaShella says that she was ready to meet in person “after having conversations with him for several weeks over the phone. I began to desire his presence more than just mere conversation.” Darryl also relates his thoughts on the subject. “After talking to her for awhile, I knew that I was ready to see her.”

According to LaShella, the first thing to cross her mind when they met was the question, “Oh Lord, is this real?” There was definitely no disappointment factor here. “He looked so handsome and nice,” she tells us. Darryl’s reaction was similar. “I was like, ‘She looks even better in person!’”

What made the date so pleasant was the comfort level they had with one another. “I was surprised at how comfortable I was with him, after a matter of minutes,” marvels LaShella. “I’d never been that comfortable with anyone of the opposite sex!”

Darryl says he also felt comfortable and liked that “she was very affectionate.” He adds, “I knew I would see her again!”

As they got to know each other, Darryl’s thoughtful nature became evident to LaShella. This wasn’t something she necessarily expected, based on his profile. “He was very concerned about my well-being, and he was so sincere with expressing how he felt,” she relays. “He was not at all similar to what I thought my type was. He’s much better.”

Darryl wasn’t caught off guard by anything he came to know about LaShella. “Her profile was very detailed, so everything that she posted was what I saw in her,” he says. If she wasn’t exactly what he was looking for, that’s only because he may have been dating the wrong people! “She’s better than what I thought my type was,” Darryl declares.

The new love in his life has been a big boost to his happiness index. As Darryl puts it, “It has changed my life for the better.” LaShella notes that her relationship “has given me a more positive outlook on love, and shows me that it still exists!”

Here’s her advice to online daters. “I would say that you have to be completely honest about who you are,” LaShella begins. “You can’t be afraid to list the things/characteristics you expect from the other person. Most of all, I would recommend seeking God for guidance, like I did.”

Darryl’s suggestions are as follows. “You have to be understanding and honest,” he says. “It’s important that you pray to God so that He can guide you to that right person.”

While it’s pretty rare to meet “The One” within A DAY of signing up, your match may already be a member of our site... Is today your time to connect?

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