Mixed Marriages

Debbie & Jeff -
South Carolina, United States

Engaged February 2014

Mixed Marriages - From a “Down Point” to the Highest Heights | Swirlr - Debbie & Jeff Mixed Marriages - From a “Down Point” to the Highest Heights | Swirlr - Debbie & Jeff Mixed Marriages - From a “Down Point” to the Highest Heights | Swirlr - Debbie & Jeff Mixed Marriages - From a “Down Point” to the Highest Heights | Swirlr - Debbie & Jeff

From a “Down Point” to the Highest Heights

Engaged couple Debbie and Jeff are happy to share the story of their meeting on our site. But first Debbie wants to share her happiness about the engagement ring she wears proudly, and acknowledge the guy who gave it to her. “I’m very happy that I was able to find the one for me,” she says of Jeff. “Someone who loves me just the way I am!”

Looking back on it now, Jeff confides that he was “at a down point” in his love life when he met Debbie. Today he is in a far better place and very grateful to have found her. “It has given me someone to love again,” he declares.

What got them to give online dating a go? Debbie tells us she joined our site “to find someone to talk to. A friend or confidante.” Jeff says he signed up because he was “looking for a possible LTR” (long-term relationship). Neither of them were new to the concept of online dating, but love had eluded their grasp thus far… Jeff and Debbie admit that they weren’t very confident when they posted their profiles, but both believed “it was worth a shot.”

A year after joining our site, Debbie noticed a promising profile with the username “Baxpack7.” What was it about Jeff’s profile that caught her interest? “Through his eyes in the profile pic, I saw a kind and caring man,” Debbie recalls. So she reached out.

“She sent a Flirt to me,” Jeff recalls. Reviewing the profile of “Babycakes39,” he felt a kinship with this woman. She might be someone he could trust… “I saw a woman who was smart and not a gold-digger,” he says. So he responded, naturally.

After some correspondence and calls, the pair felt they had graduated to an in-person meeting. “We wanted to actually see what each other looked like,” Debbie explains. “Pics don’t do it justice.”

The date didn’t dash their hopes — they liked each other’s looks! “She was even more beautiful than I thought,” says Jeff. And Debbie was relieved to meet the man whose photo had so spoken to her when she first saw it. “He looked just like the pic,” she confirms.

On that fateful first date, Debbie was struck by “how easy it was to talk to him.” Jeff really appreciated Debbie’s “intelligence and witty banter.” After this encounter the singles were absolutely certain they wanted to go out again.

Over the course of subsequent days, weeks and months, their feelings for each other grew more intense. Debbie says that she was thrilled to find “an honest man. I checked on him when he told me that he’d deleted his profile here, and he did!” Jeff did so without a second thought; he had found what he was looking for. By then it had become clear to him that Debbie is “a very kind and caring woman with lots of love to give.”

We know that no one is complaining, but how much do they fit each other’s “type,” at least when compared to previous relationships? Debbie says that Jeff is “somewhat similar” to what she thought her type was. And Jeff notes that Debbie is “extremely close” to what he was looking for.

How did the big proposal go down? One night, after a pleasant dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, Jeff popped the question. “I took her hand and told her she had made me very happy during the last six months. I asked her to be my wife!”

Looks like Jeff found his LTR and then some! The engaged couple wants to share some words of inspiration for singletons around the world. “Don’t ever give up,” urges Debbie. “You never know when the right person will pop up!”

“You may have to go through a lot of people contacting you that may not be your equivalent, but it’ll be worth it in the end when that right one comes along,” promises Jeff.

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