Interracial Marriage

Rose & Pelle -
Nairobi, Nairobi Area, Kenya

Married March 2021

Interracial Marriage - Sometimes, Opposites Attract | Swirlr - Rose & Pelle Interracial Marriage - Sometimes, Opposites Attract | Swirlr - Rose & Pelle Interracial Marriage - Sometimes, Opposites Attract | Swirlr - Rose & Pelle

Sometimes, Opposites Attract

Pelle is from Sweden and Rose hails from Kenya. Do you think that stopped them from falling in love? Not a chance! Here’s how it happened…

“Not my first site,” Pelle says of our service. He was very confident when he signed up, but realistic at the same time. “Patience is needed,” he says of single life.

We were the first online dating site for Rose. She put her optimism level at a meager “20%” but just a month into her membership, she spotted Pelle’s profile. His eyes caught her attention, so she sent him a Flirt…

Pelle, who’d been with us a month or two at that point, of course took a look at Rose’s pictures after receiving her Flirt. He says it was “her beauty” that inspired him to reply.

They immediately began communicating directly. Rose says that Pelle’s profile didn’t do his personality justice, and he’s on the same page about hers. “You cannot get to know each other deep through a profile, so a lot [came through later],” observes Pelle. Surprisingly, he was the “total opposite” of what Rose thought was her type, and she was “not similar” to the women he’d been dating, either!

That doesn’t mean it didn’t work, though. After half a year of chatting, both were more than ready to meet on the other side of the screen. “We had gotten to know each other for six months,” Rose tells us. “So we had a vacation in Nairobi and Mombasa.”

Pelle remembers making his way to Africa to see Rose in real life. “I flew down to Kenya, and we met in Nairobi,” he recalls. “I was just happy to finally meet her, after all this time and the long flight!”

Rose was charmed by this dashing Swede. “He was a perfect gentleman,” she recalls. “I felt like we had known each other all our lives.”

“The date lasted for three weeks, so it was a very emotional departure,” Pelle says of the bittersweet “farewell for now” moment they shared at the airport. “I was wanting to come back as soon as possible!”

Rose says she was “100%” on board with that plan, even though the “distance and poor internet connection” concerned her. Pelle acknowledges that long-distance relationships come with considerable obstacles, but he remembers the moment he became certain this one was worth it. “I was home on Skype,” he says of a certain conversation. Rose remembers it well. “I was in Kenya and we were talking over Skype,” she says with a smile.

That’s also how Pelle posed a fateful question to his lady love. “He first proposed over Skype,” reveals Rose. “He asked if I would marry him a year and half later!”

Now that they’re hitched, they acknowledge that finding love has irrevocably changed their lives. “It has changed me a lot,” confirms Rose. “I am a mother to the most beautiful baby girl, and I have a wonderful husband.”

“A lot [has changed],” says Pelle. “From living alone to having a family!”

Here’s what Rose would have the singles on our site remember about the search for love. “Do not give up, and patience is key,” she advises members. “Always have an open mind.”

Pelle leaves us with these thoughts on the online dating process. “Most people you chat with are wonderful people, but not all are suited for each other; it is a trial and error kind of thing,” he says. “Also, watch out for the users who are too ‘pushy,’ and say things like they love you the first time you chat. That is a sure sign that something is wrong.”

One thing is certain – there’s nothing wrong with this particular overseas connection!

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