Black Men Love White Women

Lorna & Damon -
North Carolina, United States

Black Men Love White Women - Inspired by a True Story | Swirlr - Lorna & Damon Black Men Love White Women - Inspired by a True Story | Swirlr - Lorna & Damon Black Men Love White Women - Inspired by a True Story | Swirlr - Lorna & Damon

Inspired by a True Story

Lorna had been looking for love online for quite awhile. “I knew a couple who had met online, and it made me think that maybe I was missing my true love,” she says, explaining her decision to dive into it herself. But nothing had caught fire for her… yet. Though she decided to try one more time, she wasn’t very confident. “I had been on other sites, but had no luck,” she informs us.

Damon, on the other hand, found that he preferred online dating to the alternative. “It was an easy way to meet the ladies,” he laughs. “I don’t do the bar scene!” He figured he had a 50/50 chance of finding true love, if he kept looking in the right places.

Our site was just the ticket. Still, it took him about a year to cross paths with a woman calling herself “Cookie13.” Based on his perusal of her profile, she seemed to possess all the qualities he was looking for… Damon just had to talk to her! So he reached out with a well-chosen Flirt.

Lorna had been on the site for four months when she received the Flirt -- then a message -- from a member calling himself “Dabost3”. Her first impression? “He seemed like an honest, sincere man,” she remembers thinking. “Very up front and not interested in playing games.”

Though Lorna decided she wanted to get to know Damon better, she admits to hesitation over one major drawback to this potential pairing. “We lived in different states,” she says, sighing. But staying positive, Lorna told herself to think outside the box. “I read an article about a couple who lived in different states who fell in love and got married,” she says. “So I answered Damon’s messages and gave it a shot.”

Lorna and Damon talked on the phone for a couple of months, getting to know each other. “She was very sweet,” Damon tells us. Lorna appreciated that Damon had represented himself truthfully. “He was just he like he said he was in his profile. He didn’t lie or tell stories. And THAT,” she declares, “Is what set him apart!”

They came to the conclusion that it was time to meet face-to-face. Damon picks up the story there. “I decided to make the trip to see her. Lorna was even more beautiful in person!”

Christina notes that it took some planning, but their first get-together was more than worth the trouble. “He looks exactly like his picture. I was not disappointed!”

Damon soon learned something not conveyed in Lorna’s profile. “When Lorna is with someone, he’s it. Her one and only. She puts a lot of extra love and effort into her man.” Beaming, Damon concludes, “Finding her has made me the happiest man in the world.”

Given that, it wasn’t a hard decision to work out their geographical quandary. He says “It was time for me to move from my state to hers.”

Lorna was stunned at his decision. “Damon has opened up a whole new world to me. I didn’t expect to find true love, ever! But to find a man who truly loves me and supports me in everything I do has been amazing.” She says she’s never regretted taking a chance on a long-distance relationship. “I’m glad I gave it a shot, because I found the man of my dreams!”

Damon has some advice to others who are still looking for love online. “Keep looking until you find her. She’s worth the wait.”

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