Black Man White Woman

Sarah & Ryan -
Princeton, New Jersey, United States

Black Man White Woman - Nuts for One Another | Swirlr - Sarah & Ryan Black Man White Woman - Nuts for One Another | Swirlr - Sarah & Ryan Black Man White Woman - Nuts for One Another | Swirlr - Sarah & Ryan

Nuts for One Another

We asked Sarah if we were her first online dating site. “Yes, first one,” she reports. So what was the appeal? “I thought it was a good chance to get to know someone before I met them [in person].”

Ryan tells us that a desire for change in his dating life is what inspired him to try our site. “It was my first, interracially,” he says of this online dating experience. So how much confidence did he feel, when he posted his profile? “None at all,” Ryan laughs.

Still, just two months after he posted a profile under the handle “Drunk0nPowa,” Ryan noticed “SCSBear.” It was Sarah. “I reached out to her, sent a Flirt, and then instant chat,” recounts Ryan, adding that it was “her beautiful face” that reeled him in. Sarah responded to his messages. “He seemed cute and smart,” she explains.

There were a few bumps in the road. An hour of travel time separated them and they ran into a little bit of “miscommunication, due to different views.” This could have derailed their tentative courtship, but Sarah and Ryan were ready to overlook such differences. And once their connection was confirmed, our duo didn’t need to debate the question of a date. Both were on board!

“I couldn’t stop talking to him,” Sarah says of their getting-to-know-you conversations. “It was very cute.” Ryan decided to make plans “after talking to her, finding out how open she was, and not being able to stop thinking about her.”

“He looked really surprised,” Sarah says of Ryan’s expression when they first met in person. What surprised him? “She looked absolutely gorgeous,” he says. Even better than her photo indicated! For dinner, they went to P.F. Chang’s, then out to a bar with friends. What shocked Sarah was “how easy it was to talk to him... and our first kiss!”

Given her good looks, Ryan may have expected Sarah to be more self-possessed. But he was struck by “how cautious/nervous she was in person.”

After a great first date, both singles were interested in seeing each other again. Nonetheless, Ryan couldn’t quite believe this woman was falling for him. He put the odds of a second date at 75%, not knowing she was already 100% with him.

“He’s funny, really confident, and sweet,” Sarah says now. “I didn’t really have a type before, but I found him to be very different and my only type now!”

That brings us up to date. Now that they know how each other feels, the couple is enjoying the fruits of romance. Ryan is endlessly surprised by “how sweet and loving she is, and selfless at times, just to prove her love. In terms of personality, she is very similar to what I thought I wanted, but even better… Physically, I was very attracted to her, though she wasn’t typically my ideal type. Now she’s everything to me.”

We asked them, “How has finding love changed your life?” Sarah laughs. “It’s driving me nuts!” In a good way, we assume. Here’s Ryan’s response. “I can’t imagine a second without her... Which now makes my life all about her!”

Sarah tells singles to “be open to different possibilities.” Ryan offers this thought to those who are still looking. “If it’s supposed to happen, it will. Don’t force it.”

Looks like Sarah and Ryan were meant to happen.

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