Interracial Marriage

Tanya & Dustin -
Georgia, United States

Married October 2013

Interracial Marriage - They Laughed Until Their Jaws Hurt | Swirlr - Tanya & Dustin Interracial Marriage - They Laughed Until Their Jaws Hurt | Swirlr - Tanya & Dustin Interracial Marriage - They Laughed Until Their Jaws Hurt | Swirlr - Tanya & Dustin

They Laughed Until Their Jaws Hurt

Tanya tells us “the fact that there was a site that catered to mixed couples” intrigued her. However, “I was not confident,” she confesses. And no wonder — it did take her six years on our site to meet her match!

On the other hand, Dustin felt destined to meet his better half on the Interwebs. He joined with a clear purpose in mind. “I wanted to meet my black queen,” he laughs. Tanya may not have been optimistic, but Dustin was brimming with confidence. He had enough for both of them.

About a year after he signed up, Dustin noticed Tanya’s profile. Her username was “BlckBeauty08,” and she sure did justice to that moniker — this woman was hot! Today she likes to tease “RareBreed32” about the way he first approached her. “He stalked me online,” she jokes. “I did not think he was serious. I looked at his picture and thought he was a player.”

Part of her doubt had to do with his good looks. As Tanya describes it, “He was fine as hell!” Dustin had a similar reaction to her profile pix. “I fell in love with her picture the first time I saw it,” he says, not one to mince words. “I knew I wanted to be with her!”

Before long they were trading numbers and speaking on the phone. “We talked and agreed to meet” before too long, remembers Tanya. “We were ready!”

As their first date progressed, Tanya began to feel a little nervous — Dustin had barely said anything! “I thought, ‘this guy is quiet,’” she laughs. “He is cute, I love his smile, but is he gonna say anything?!”

Dustin was wowed by the woman in front of him and probably feeling a little bashful about it. “She was more beautiful than her picture,” he says. “Even though her hair was a mess, it didn’t even matter!”

Tanya reports that Dustin was a perfect gentleman and never got fresh with her. Dustin says that once he relaxed, his sense of humor began to come out. Tanya could definitely hang with him, joke for joke. “We laughed all night long,” he says. “For a week, my jaw hurt!”

No doubt about it — this was a great date that left both parties convinced they had to get together again, and soon. “I did not ever want to leave,” Dustin says of their farewell for the evening. Tanya agrees. “I knew I never wanted to be without him,” she tells us. “It was love at first sight.”

The duo started seeing each other pretty frequently. Each date only confirmed the feelings they had on the first. “He was exactly my type,” Tanya says. Dustin felt very fortunate to have her in his life. “She was the most beautiful woman I had ever dated!”

Things progressed and some happy surprises occurred. Tanya says she was delighted to learn “how hard he loves” and adds “I have never loved anyone like I love this man.” Dustin was impressed by “How genuine she was. She’s everything I ever wanted in a wife, everything I ever asked God for.”

The couple was enjoying a quiet night in when things changed forever. “We were lying in the bed talking and laughing,” Tanya says to set the stage. “Then he gave me his grandma’s ring. He says to me, ‘Tanya, will you please take the honor and be my wife, till death do us part!’ I cried and said YES!!”

You know what they say — the couple that laughs together, stays together.

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