Mixed Couples

Janaine & Nicholas -
California, United States

Engaged August 2013

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She Loves This Man in Uniform

Sometimes it’s something weighty that brings singles together, like a powerful faith, the shared experience of raising children, or perhaps the strong desire to start a family.

And sometimes it’s an allegiance to a professional football team.

“He saw that I liked the San Francisco 49ers and we hit it off from there,” laughs Janaine, remembering the day she heard from Nicholas for the first time.

Today these two are engaged, but back then they were just singles giving our site a shot. “I was tired of not finding what I was looking for in my small town,” Janaine explains. “This is the first dating website I’ve used!” And if all goes well, it will be the last.

Nicholas had tried online personals before and was tired of being alone. So he joined our site, not really thinking it would amount to anything.

In just a few short months, both would be glad they pulled the trigger. Janaine says Nicholas made it easy for her. “He emailed me first! I thought he seemed easy going, caring and smart.”

After they had been talking on the phone for a few months, Janaine found her thoughts turning to Nicholas again and again. It was time to take things to the next stage. “I was very nervous, but I had to meet him,” she reports. “I had such a strong connection with him.”

Nicholas tells us he felt much the same way. If they had known how much the other already felt invested in this connection, both could have relaxed and felt secure in where they were. But it took a little longer for them to realize their feelings were mutual…

“I asked him if he wanted to come see me,” Janaine says. “Maybe we could go to San Francisco,” she suggested. Nicholas picks up the story there. “She asked, and I had time to go,” he recalls. “I knew she wanted it and I wanted to make her happy. By that time my feelings for her had started to grow. She was so beautiful and sweet, I had to meet her.”

So arrangements were made to meet near the home of their beloved Niners. When the duo finally met up face to face, Janaine was floored. She says her first thought was, “‘Oh my God!! He gorgeous!!’ He was in his Air Force military uniform. What woman doesn’t take a second glace at that?!”

Nicholas remembers thinking, “Wow she’s even more beautiful in person.” But she felt a little self-conscious, and her coping mechanism had an amusing effect on him. “I was so nervous I just kept talking,” laughs Janaine. “He never stopped me. He just let me speak.”

Nicholas remembers this fondly. “She did talk a lot! Later, I found out it was her nerves.”

Our couple in the making had convened in Mill Valley, about 14 miles north of San Francisco. So they had plenty of time to break the ice and get to know each other... By the end of it, there was no doubt a real relationship had begun and they would see each other again. “Well of course,” laughs Janaine. “We took a four-day vacation and had a condo in Mill Valley. He better take me out again!”

She adds that Nicholas was nothing but good to her the entire time. “He was the ultimate gentleman,” acknowledges Janaine. “He opened my doors, paid for our meals, gave me sweet compliments and gifts.”

Nicholas says the love and attention was a two-way street. “I didn’t realize how much she would take care of me,” he says. “I felt appreciated.”

Eventually a proposal was in the offing. Janaine will never forget it… “He told me how much he loved me, and asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him.” She didn’t keep him waiting for an answer. “He is all I was looking for but never thought I’d find!”

They have learned life lessons from one another. “He made me feel my beauty is not only on the inside but the outside, too,” says Janaine. She also concluded that “giving to others not knowing how things will turn out is just fine, as long as you tried.” Nicholas says she has made him a more compassionate man.

To other singles, he has this to say: “Go for it! What do you have to lose?”

“Just be strong and wait, love will find you in the craziest of places,” Janaine puts in. “Me and Nick are from totally different parts of the country! I honestly believe how we found each other was true fate and I owe it all to this site. Thank you.”

Thank you, Janaine, for sharing your story with everyone who is still waiting for love to find them.

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