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Megan & Quintton -
Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

White Women Black Men - Friends First | Swirlr - Megan & Quintton White Women Black Men - Friends First | Swirlr - Megan & Quintton White Women Black Men - Friends First | Swirlr - Megan & Quintton White Women Black Men - Friends First | Swirlr - Megan & Quintton

Friends First

Megan was no stranger to online dating, as her busy life made it difficult to socialize. “I had no time to go out and meet anyone,” she notes. And although she wasn’t very confident about it, she signed up for a membership on our site. “I just wanted to try something new,” she says about this decision.

Quinnton was weary of swimming in the same old dating pool. He was ready for something serious, too. “I was just looking for someone to move forward with,” he says, expressing a longing that many singles share. He also had another reason for “giving up the whole bar scene,” as he phrases it…. Quinnton has a son, and this was definitely a factor in his decision-making process.

When asked if he had any confidence in the efficacy of Internet personals, Quinnton is quite blunt. “None.”

Megan was a member of our site for about two months when she came across the profile of “MrQuinnton.” This user immediately sparked her interest because “we had common views and beliefs.” She also admits to really liking his face. In Megan’s eyes, Quinnton looked like he was positively “full of life!”

Quinnton, in turn, took a look at “Meg110810” and realized that they had quite a bit in common. He tells us that she was interested in “many things that I enjoyed.” He thought that maybe this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, even if they didn’t make a love connection. In fact, he remembers his thought process being, “I could have an actual friend before we dated.”

However, they surpassed that stage pretty quickly. “We grew close in such a short amount of time,” Megan reflects. When they met for their first date, she couldn’t help but think, “This can’t be real...this has to be dream!”

Quinnton traveled cross-country to meet Megan. He ended up staying a week in Savannah just so they could spend some time together. On their first date they went to Panera Bread for dinner. When he saw her, Quinnton thought she looked “even prettier than she did in her profile pictures.”

“He was so laid back and easy-going,” Megan informs us. “He just went with the flow. He was willing to do and try anything...that’s one of the things that attracted me to him.” The date went so well, in fact, that Megan was “hoping and praying that he’d want to see me again!”

She needn’t have worried. Quinnton was “one thousand percent” sure they’d go out again. She had earned a very important seal of approval… “My son fell in love with her,” Quinnton declares.

Both parties say that the other person was pretty much their type before they met. Was there anything they now appreciate about the other that wasn’t apparent in their profiles? “He’s so humble, and has a servant’s heart,” Megan answers. “I know that if and when I need him, he’ll be there!” Quinnton admits to being surprised on a couple of counts. “I didn’t know that she was such a fighter,” he says. “Or that she’d steal my heart the way she did.”

There have been some obstacles in their path. Megan concedes that, at least for now, she’s had to learn how to be a couple “even though he isn’t here physically.” But her life has changed for the better. “I can now see my future the way I’ve always dreamed it would be. I have a best friend who will always be by my side, no matter what.”

“I truly feel and believe that there really is one person made just for you,” Quinnton says firmly. He advises others looking for love not to judge a book by its cover. He also believes it’s important that we “give people a chance to get to know who you are.”

Megan advises women not to settle. “You may have a lot of scumbags trying to hit on you and making passes, but a true gentleman will want to take his time getting to know you and will show respect.”

Quinnton is just the gentleman she was waiting for!

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