White Women Like Black Men

Jennifer & Michael

White Women Like Black Men - Be Respectful, and Be Real | Swirlr - Jennifer & Michael White Women Like Black Men - Be Respectful, and Be Real | Swirlr - Jennifer & Michael

Be Respectful, and Be Real

Both Jennifer and Michael were very confident they’d find love when they decided to try online dating. Neither of them was afraid of an interracial relationship, and both were open to finding love wherever it might be.

Jennifer signed up under the username “Jennlynndub” and waited to see what would happen next.

She only had to wait a month. Michael was registered as “Brooklyn1984” and he had been on the site for four months when he decided to reach out to Jennifer. Her profile sparked his interest immediately, he says. “She was a pretty and confident woman. My type, mos def!”

And how did he make contact? “Flirt first. Then an instant message,” Michael recalls. For Jennifer, it was his height that first caught her attention. “Well, height and looks,” she concedes, blushing.

What made them decide they were ready to meet in person? “Two months of conversation,” answers Jennifer. She really liked the respectful way he approached their communication. It was great to see this quality in a man who also happened to be “fine!” For Jennifer, Eric was the total package — “very much what I was looking for.”

Their first date went down in Rochester, New York. Jennifer was surprised to find out “how similar we are.” As for Michael…”I knew I would marry her,” he says, without hesitation. “I knew I would even move to be with her.”

“Yes!” Jennifer exclaims happily. “He moved to California with me!”

Michael knew he couldn’t just let Jennifer go, so he made the decision and has never looked back. Part of the reason he’s so devoted to her is the unconditional love she offers him. “She never judged me. She just loved me,” he says. Eric had no doubt that Jennifer was the One, and knew that she felt the same. “She’s always been real with me,” he adds.

Not that they didn’t face hurdles to overcome in the process of becoming a couple...but it didn’t matter. Jennifer dismisses any problems others may have had with their relationship. “So people disagree. We didn’t care...it was about us,” she says now.

Michael shrugs when he thinks about the obstacles in their past. “Me? I personally don’t care what people think. I love her, and that’s it.” He pauses. “Love has changed my life.” Jennifer nods in agreement. “Love has changed my life, too.”

They each have some parting thoughts for people still looking for love, and especially for those who aren’t limiting themselves. Says Jennifer, “Take your time and get to know the person who has caught your attention.”

And Michael reminds us, “Just take your time...you will find the right one!”

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