Interracial Dating

Abigail & Steve -
England, United Kingdom

Interracial Dating - Their Love Basket Is Full | Swirlr - Abigail & Steve Interracial Dating - Their Love Basket Is Full | Swirlr - Abigail & Steve Interracial Dating - Their Love Basket Is Full | Swirlr - Abigail & Steve

Their Love Basket Is Full

“I did not go out much,” Abigail admits about her personal life before posting a profile on our site. “I thought 'online' was a great place to go out, though!”

We were Steve’s first stab at finding love on the Internet. “I was looking for love, and very confident I’d find it,” he tells us. Six weeks after signing up, he stumbled across a new user while browsing profiles. Something about her smile spoke to Steve, so he reached out.

“He sent me a ‘good morning’ message,” Abigail recalls. Scrutinizing his profile, she didn’t think he was her type, exactly, but the “sincerity in his messages” won her over immediately. “I enjoyed reading his messages, so I really wanted to meet him,” she says.

Steve remembers being nervous at first, but eager to meet this gal in the flesh. As he tells us, “I wanted to see if she was for real, because she seemed too good to be true.” To relieve these worries and move forward, they met up at a Mexican restaurant in Abigail’s area. “We went for a walk in the park after,” Abigail explains. “I felt comfortable around him.” For her, this was “love at first sight.”

Steve was a little more guarded, if he’s completely honest. “It was not love at first sight, but I was impressed,” is how he puts it now. Still, Steve was immediately at ease in Abigail’s presence. “I felt relaxed,” he says. “Everything felt natural.” He wanted to see her again, but it was actually Abigail who had doubts about that. “I was not as sure,” she reveals. The reason? “We were a two-hour drive apart.” Steve acknowledges the difficulty that distance caused them. “The time we spent apart due to work commitments” was tough for both of them, he says.

They went for it anyway, though, and got to know each other much better. “He is a genuine, loving, caring and selfless person,” says Abigail. He also shares her Christian faith. Here’s what Steve learned to love about Abigail: “She’s a great mum, and cook, haha! She is an overall gorgeous person and I could not ask for more.”

They decided to call this a relationship soon after Steve memorably declared his devotion to her. “We were having lunch,” Abigail remembers, “and he told me that if I were to relocate anywhere in the world, he would follow me. That showed his love and sacrifice.”

Their newfound love has “brought sooooo much joy to me and my children,” exclaims Abigail. “Especially finding love with someone like Steve. He is easy to love!” Hearing these words brings out the romantic in Steve, too. “I never imagined finding this kind of fulfilling love,” he tells us. “She is my soulmate.”

“Love comes in ways you least expect, and from a person you would not usually look at,” Abigail says on the subject of online dating success. “Be open minded and don’t just follow your checked boxes, as you may overlook your soulmate just because they are not the type, color or stature you usually go for. And yet they fill your love basket in every way! I found unconditional love where I least expected it.”

Here’s what Steve has to say to all the singles out there. “Be true to what you’re really after, and no games – they eventually leave you empty-handed and alone. I found love that I could only see in movies… I am the proudest, happiest and most fulfilled man alive today.”

We’re awfully glad he feels that way.

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