Black Women Dating

Breanna & Nolan -
Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Black Women Dating - He Lost the Game, but Won at Love | Swirlr - Breanna & Nolan Black Women Dating - He Lost the Game, but Won at Love | Swirlr - Breanna & Nolan Black Women Dating - He Lost the Game, but Won at Love | Swirlr - Breanna & Nolan

He Lost the Game, but Won at Love

Breanna’s stint on our site was her first attempt at online dating. And, like many first-timers, she had her doubts. “I was always skeptical about meeting someone online,” she admits. “But I was still looking…”

She’d been on and off the site for a couple of months when she spotted it. “That smile,” she marvels. “It was that smile [that got my attention].” The member with the username “Nshaw34” had a grin she couldn’t get enough of, so she sent him a Flirt.

The pearly whites belonged to Nolan, another newcomer to online personals. “I was just looking for the right person,” he explains. “But I wasn’t confident at all when I first started.”

Nolan had only been online for a few months when he suddenly got the Flirt from “Charesebre19” (Breanna), who sparked his interest the moment he saw her profile. “Her eyes were beautiful!” He exclaims.

Nolan didn’t hesitate to let her know how much he was interested. “He actually gave me his number,” laughs Breanna. “I suppose we were ready to meet for a date, since we had been texting nonstop every day!”

They had their first date at Dave & Busters, the restaurant famous for its arcade games. This was a perfect place for Breanna to prove her skills. “I won every game we played!” she says proudly. Nolan had no problem with that, jumping in with a quick, “You mean you CHEATED on every game we played!” The newly minted couple laugh at what has clearly become an affectionate joke between them.

Although she was a little nervous at the start, Breanna’s first thought on finally meeting face-to-face was, “Wow, he smells really good.” Nolan admits to being tense, too, but the feeling dissipated. “It went really well,” he says to recap the evening. “I had actually thought that she might not show up...or even be real!”

But Nolan’s dream girl turned out to have substance after all, and they were both “100% sure” they would go out again. If their first date was a success, subsequent meetings only brought them even closer together.

When asked if there’s anything he appreciates about Breanna that didn’t come across in her profile, Nolan has to think about it a moment, since he’s loved everything about her from the beginning. “She was very caring,” he concludes. Breanna responds, “He’s really someone I can’t see myself without!”

Surprisingly, Breanna confesses that originally she thought that Nolan wasn’t her type. “I would say he’s almost everything I WOULDN’T have gone for!” But it was that smile that did it, and today she’s very glad she noticed it. Nolan admits he didn’t have to struggle too hard to imagine them being together. “She’s pretty similar [to my type],” he says.

Although they were lucky enough to not have to overcome any real obstacles as they became a couple, both will admit to something when asked. For Breanna, it was “accepting his goofy side as well as his serious side.” Nolan simply states, “Communication.”

Finding love has changed the both of them. Breanna says she’s learned that it’s okay to lean on someone a little, and to let go of a little independence, particularly when it might be holding you back. Nolan reports that his new relationship has given him “a positive outlook” on life.

They both want to share a bit of what they’ve learned in their search for love on the Internet. “Keep your head up and stay focused,” advises Breanna. “It’s new and scary, but your other half is looking for you, too!” Nolan agrees, adding, “It’s difficult and frustrating, but stay positive, and be patient.”

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