Asian Women Like White Men

Joan & David -
Davao City, Philippines

Engaged June 2015

Asian Women Like White Men - He Went from Guarded to Gung Ho | Swirlr - Joan & David Asian Women Like White Men - He Went from Guarded to Gung Ho | Swirlr - Joan & David Asian Women Like White Men - He Went from Guarded to Gung Ho | Swirlr - Joan & David

He Went from Guarded to Gung Ho

Joan and David answered “looking for someone” when asked what led them to join our site. She was “hopeful” that there would be a happy outcome to her search. David says he was “guarded,” but obviously he wasn’t too wary to post a profile with the username “Dashley.” A month later, he reached out to a member with the moniker “ItsMeJoan.” Guess who that was?

It was “her age and smile” that prompted David to send Joan a Flirt. But Joan didn’t jump at the chance to communicate. “I was not overly interested at first,” she says. But he won her over and, after a boffo Skype call, both singles were excited to test their chemistry in person.

“He came to the Philippines to visit,” Joan recalls. Her first thought upon meeting him was, “I’m in love!”

Looking back at these initial in-person interactions, both singles came away impressed. “She’s the real deal,” says David. “She was truthful and honest. And even more beautiful in person!” Joan was struck by David’s manners and classy approach. “He was a gentleman,” she says. Different from the guys she usually dated, but definitely “better.”

Now these two are taking steps to see each other A LOT more often. “We are working on a K1 visa for me and my son to go to the U.S.A.,” Joan reveals. “Working through the legal system” is a challenge, David acknowledges, but one they are eager to undertake.

In fact, these two are ready to make an even bigger commitment to one another: marriage. How did David propose? “It was something that happened while we were together,” Joan remembers. “No big bells and whistles. We knew as we spent time together that we wanted to be with each other. So we decided to go ahead and work with a company on the K1 visa to get married.”

“She loves me unconditionally,” says David. He’s determined to spend the rest of his life with Joan.

As a matter of fact, determination is essential to dating success, says Joan. “Never give up, and take some chances,” she advises everyone on our site. “Good people are out there!”

“Follow your heart, and your mind,” says David. “You have to take chances if you want to meet someone special. When you do, be 100-percent honest with that person.”

Honestly, we think these two are going to make it!

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