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Hope & Vince

White Men Black Women - He Found Hope! | Swirlr - Hope & Vince White Men Black Women - He Found Hope! | Swirlr - Hope & Vince White Men Black Women - He Found Hope! | Swirlr - Hope & Vince White Men Black Women - He Found Hope! | Swirlr - Hope & Vince

He Found Hope!

Was Hope certain she’d leave our site with a soulmate in tow? “Not at all!” she laughs. The only reason she joined was because old-fashioned, real-world methods weren’t getting the job done. She didn’t feel she had anywhere left to turn. “I didn’t want to do the bar scene, and I had tried online dating before,” she says of her decision to join our site.

Vince had never been out on an Internet date, but he felt forced into it by circumstance. “I was not really meeting anyone the traditional way,” he tells us. “Your website was my first experience. I was hopeful.”

Perhaps that bright outlook dimmed a bit in the five years Vince was a member of our site. But meeting a woman named Hope rekindled his own. She had only been with us two and a half weeks when Vince stumbled across her profile. Viewing her photo and essays, Vince felt that she was “almost” exactly his type. “I was intrigued by what she said in her profile,” he says.

We’ll let Hope pick up the story there. “He sent me a message,” she says. “I thought he was really interesting and good looking. The first phone conversation was wonderful and really long. So I thought, ‘I really have to meet him.’”

Vince agrees. “Our conversations were so good that it was hard getting off the phone!” He asked her out and the answer was a resounding “yes!” In person, Vince was immediately taken with Hope and her striking presence. “She was tall, and so beautiful,” he says.

Hope wasn’t disappointed, either. “He was quite attractive,” reminisces Hope. “We were so very comfortable with each other! The conversation flowed so easily, as if we had known each other for a long time.”

After their delightful first date, Vince didn’t want to lose Hope to another suitor. “I wanted to have a second date,” he says. And a third, fourth and beyond.

For her part, Hope says she was “absolutely, positively sure” they would meet again. She was right! Two singles soon became a couple. Hope has come to admire “how very honest and sincere he is” and Vince values “her honesty.” Vince notes that his relationship with Hope “makes me more complete.” She says this experience has changed her opinion about love. “It has made me feel that it’s actually possible to find your soulmate!”

Is there a lesson to be learned here for singles who are still looking for a love connection? Hope and Vince believe that when it comes to writing your profile, honesty is the best policy. “Write exactly what you’re looking for,” she says. “Don’t lie about what you want.” Vince agrees. “Write down in your profile EXACTLY who you are and what you’re looking for in a mate. Also, use current pics. It makes a big difference.”

Hopefully it won’t take five years for everyone, but a love of a lifetime is worth waiting for.

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