Hispanic Men And Black Women

LaTayza & Vitali -
Brooklyn, New York, United States

Engaged September 2015

Hispanic Men And Black Women - He Signed Up as a Joke | Swirlr - LaTayza & Vitali Hispanic Men And Black Women - He Signed Up as a Joke | Swirlr - LaTayza & Vitali Hispanic Men And Black Women - He Signed Up as a Joke | Swirlr - LaTayza & Vitali Hispanic Men And Black Women - He Signed Up as a Joke | Swirlr - LaTayza & Vitali Hispanic Men And Black Women - He Signed Up as a Joke | Swirlr - LaTayza & Vitali Hispanic Men And Black Women - He Signed Up as a Joke | Swirlr - LaTayza & Vitali Hispanic Men And Black Women - He Signed Up as a Joke | Swirlr - LaTayza & Vitali Hispanic Men And Black Women - He Signed Up as a Joke | Swirlr - LaTayza & Vitali

He Signed Up as a Joke

When “Tayza010” met “Mr. Vi,” sparks flew. But how did these profile handles and the people behind them come to be on our site? Here’s LaTayza’s recollection… “I somehow came across the interracial dating page on Facebook and was wowed by the stories, so I decided to follow the page. Later, I decided to join the site.”

Was she an online dating newb? “Yes, this was my first experience with online dating, and I’m happy to call it my last,” beams LaTayza.

Vitali (“Mr. Vi”) was also new to this but thought that our site would give him better odds of meeting someone. “I decided to try it because, why not? Girls don’t talk to me in real life because I’m ugly,” he laughs. “So I gave it a shot!”

Going in, LaTayza worried this whole thing might be a waste of time. “To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect,” she tells us. “I pretty much thought I would only chat with a few people here and there, and never make it past that point. I was also a little skeptical I was going to meet someone in person, because the whole thing was so new to me.”

Vitali saw this as a complete “Hail Mary” play. “I wasn’t confident at all to find my love. I thought it was a joke!”

Given their trepidation, it is kind of funny that it took LaTayza just a month of membership to find Vitali. He had barely logged in, before that. “I was on the site maybe half a year, but I didn’t really use it before we started talking,” admits Vitali.

So how did that happen? “I ended up sending Vitali a Flirt,” LaTayza reports. “He responded ‘yes,’ he was interested. And it just went from there.”

Several things about Vitali sparked LaTayza’s interest. “He was good looking, for one. Haha! His profile didn’t say much, only that he was from Russia, kinda new to the country, and looking for a nice family-oriented girl. It was like a mystery I was ready to solve. I love the result.”

Vitali felt drawn to her right away. “I saw her pictures and was like ‘wow, she is hot!’ I fell in love just seeing her pictures.”

They didn’t want to rely entirely on lenses and screens, of course. “After Skyping every single day, I’m pretty sure both of us grew tired of just seeing each other via video — well, at least I was,” laughs LaTayza. “When we talked, he actually put effort into his conversations. Later we joked about driving and meeting each other halfway, but ended up doing it one day as a spur-of-the moment kind of thing. The night before I asked him and he said yes.”

Vitali nods emphatically. “I loved everything about her. I knew I was ready.” LaTayza remembers the excited rush that preceded their meeting. “We both got ready within hours and drove a little over five hours,” she says. Vitali jumps in there to add, “I drove to Pennsylvania from New York and she from Indiana. It was such a long drive, and I was on a motorcycle.”

Before Vitali arrived, LaTayza had to get her head right. “I was soooo nervous. I arrived before him, so I anticipated the moment and had to get my nerves together before he showed up. But I thought, ‘I can’t believe I get to hug you in person!’”

Once LaTayza’s nerves were under control, their time together was very relaxing. “We met in a small town in Pennsylvania at a park, where we had a little picnic,” she says. What surprised her the most about this experience was “How kind he was. He was everything I expected, and just how he portrayed himself on Skype. His accent was heavy because he’s from Russia, but I had gotten used to it by then. And his eyes were even more gorgeous in person!”

After the success of their first date, the duo felt certain they would do this again. “I wasn’t only sure I wanted to see him again, I knew he was someone I wanted to spend my life with,” declares LaTayza.

Vitali gazes affectionately at his partner. “I enjoyed every second with you, even though I was tired and sleepy as hell.” He tells us that he didn’t have any doubts about his desire to proceed. “I knew I wanted to be with her, and that I already loved her.”

There are almost always obstacles in a couple’s path, and this case was no exception. “He kinda had a crazy ex-girlfriend, which was quite an obstacle,” LaTayza laughs. “And of course, getting used to the distance was a challenge.”

Vitali had his own view of it. “My obstacles were her ex and thinking that some guy would try to steal her from me because I wasn’t there with her,” he says, voicing a concern that many in long-distance relationships share.

But no exes or new contenders could tear these two away from each other. The sometimes-bumpy road led them to a happy destination: engagement! “He asked me on Skype, just joking to see what I would say, but when he asked in person I knew he was serious,” LaTayza informs us.

Vitali will never forget that day. “I asked her in Washington, in front of the Lincoln Memorial,” he says. “I wanted to get married then and there and just go sign some papers, have a big wedding later, but we decided to wait.”

Now that they’re betrothed to be married and this relationship is as solid as the stone of the Washington Monument, LaTayza can reflect on how her life has changed. “It’s changed my life because I feel like I don’t have to look for love any longer and go through the horrible dating process. I’m positive that this guy is gonna be by my side forever. This is only the beginning… Thanks to you guys!”

“She changed my life because she’s the girl I’ve always been waiting for. I’m a little upset it took her so long,” laughs Vitali.

We asked LaTayza if Vitali was her type, or if she had to learn to appreciate his good qualities. She ponders that before answering. “Well I don’t really have a type, except that he’d have to be somewhat attractive in my eyes, and a guy who could make me smile and laugh. He did that so constantly my cheeks would hurt from smiling so much!”

Vitali wouldn’t change anything about LaTayza. “She is exactly what I expected,” he says. “She has a beautiful smile. She’s smart, tough, kind, and takes care of herself. She makes me smile and sings for me. I love everything about her.”

Here are a few words of encouragement for singles still looking for “The One” online. “I say, never say never,” LaTayza opines. “Anything could happen! You might meet your Romeo or Prince Charming online. Don’t knock it until you try it. Going online is one of the best things that ever happened to me. There’s someone out there waiting for you, it just takes time and patience.”

For LaTayza and Vitali, their patience was rewarded.

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