Interracial Couples Success Stories

  • Sara & Stanley

    “Bonding in Berlin”

    The people behind profiles “Sary91” and “StarKids,” Sara and Stanley, stumbled into online dating. “I found your site on Google,” Sara tells us. Stanley says we were recommended by a friend. Neither were terribly confident, they tell us. And yet, three weeks after posting her profile, Sa… read more

  • Abigail & Steve

    “Their Love Basket Is Full”

    “I did not go out much,” Abigail admits about her personal life before posting a profile on our site. “I thought 'online' was a great place to go out, though!” We were Steve’s first stab at finding love on the Internet. “I was looking for love, and very confident I’d find it,” he … read more

  • Jane & Wim

    “When Wimpy Is a Good Thing”

    Jane joined our site and, two months later, clicked with someone special. “That’s what I want,” Jane remembers thinking when she looked at Wim’s three-week-old profile. You don’t see usernames like “Wimpie71” every day, but with his name being Wim this fellow went for self-deprecating … read more

  • Aris & Jeff

    “Surprise, Surprise!”

    Aris had never tried online dating before posting her profile on our site with the username “ShortScorpio.” She was optimistic but didn’t take success for granted. “I was new to Atlanta,” Aris recalls, “And I didn’t really know many people except for my coworkers and classmates in coll… read more

  • Joyce & Jens

    “Their First Hug Happened at Nairobi Airport”

    Now engaged, not so long ago Joyce and Jens met on our site. “I was hoping to find Mr. Right,” Joyce says of her decision to partake in online dating. She was “not at all” confident she’d meet a keeper, though. Jens was on exactly the same page. A month after signing up, he spotted Joyce… read more