Interracial Couples Success Stories

  • Classyc88

    “The best message!”

    I was literally tired of the weirdo’s and so quick to get my number kind of guys… Until Reese messaged me. I was literally in the process of closing my account all together and giving up. Reese gave me the most amazing first message in my inbox I have ever seen before and never saw before! He ac… read more

  • Marsha

    “I'll take my risks.”

    We chatted on phone and vibes and he checks all the boxes so I'm step on faith and see where it goes.… read more

  • Anthony

    “My heart beats for her!”

    Met the girl of my dreams. It's been a long time since I've felt like this again. So I've decided I don’t need my account anymore.… read more

  • Jess

    “It was God wish!”

    He's a very honest loving and caring...he is special and I thank God for brought him into my life...I'm really blessed 🙏… read more

  • Seun

    “Soulmate found!”

    I met Jake on this and it’s the most beautiful thing I have experienced this year. I am going off the site because I met my soulmate and absolute love of my life. … read more