Mixed Marriages

Cathleen & John -
Texas, United States

Engaged November 2014

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Passport Approved

Cathleen joined our site under the username “CalCat,” hoping to meet Mr. Right. She was well aware that she couldn’t have a man made to order, of course. “I wasn’t very confident,” Cathleen confesses. “But I was looking for a genuine person who was serious about a committed relationship.”

John didn’t join up with any illusions, either. “I didn’t expect much,” he confides. “But I was looking for something real.”

His handle, “RealMan64b,” made a bold statement. About a year into his membership, John received a Flirt from “CalCat.” She’d been with us four weeks by then. “I liked his pictures and saw that he was interested in building a relationship,” Cathleen says. There was one obstacle to be overcome, however. “We live almost an hour away from each other!” she observes in dismay.

That fact didn’t bother John; his interest was officially piqued. “I thought she was beautiful,” he says. They booked a phone call and bonded immediately. “We had a short conversation and just decided to meet and cut to the chase,” Cathleen says. And where did the date go down? “The Shops at Willow Bend in Plano, Texas,” she replies.

One concern for Cathleen was the discrepancy one sometimes finds between online profile pix and the person who shows up for the date. “I was glad that he matched his pictures,” she says, relieved. She was also surprised at “how good his personality was.”

John had a great time with Cathleen. “We had a drink or two, and ate,” says John. “I thought she was more attractive in person.” Humbly, John indicates that his biggest surprise was “the fact that she was as interested in me as I was her!”

Still, after a great first date he was “100% sure” they would go out again, and go out they did. As things progressed Cathleen was delighted to learn “how romantic he is.” Based on her profile, John hadn’t expected Cathleen to be as affectionate of a person as she is.

Did they find someone who fits their type? “Very similar,” answers Cathleen. John nods. “I would say she’s exactly my type!”

Things were going so well, the couple began to think big. As Cathleen remembers it, “We were lying in bed one morning and both decided we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with each other.”

For her, the decision to get engaged was kind of a no-brainer… “I’m happier [with him], and so glad to have met someone with such a good heart,” Cathleen enthuses. The feelings are mutual. “I’m not lonely anymore,” says John with a smile. “And I got a stamp on my passport! We went to Jamaica.”

“You can’t judge everything by a photograph,” advises Catherine. “Some people are not as photogenic as others.”

“Stay optimistic,” John reminds singles. “It only takes one Flirt, or one message.”

That’s all it took for John and Cathleen.

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