Interracial Relationships

Freida & Dave -
New Jersey, United States

Interracial Relationships - One Hundred and Fifty (One) Percent | Swirlr - Freida & Dave Interracial Relationships - One Hundred and Fifty (One) Percent | Swirlr - Freida & Dave Interracial Relationships - One Hundred and Fifty (One) Percent | Swirlr - Freida & Dave

One Hundred and Fifty (One) Percent

Freida had been online dating for awhile, hoping to deepen her pool of options. “I tried other sites, years ago,” she says, but they hadn’t resulted in anything worthwhile. But she also thought the right romance would happen for her, someday. “I was confident,” she says. Patience was the key, it turns out, because it took a little while before she found someone she had real chemistry with.

Dave was also looking for a serious relationship. “I had tried other sites in the past,” he reveals. ‘What was different about this one? “I was hopeful, but thought it was a long shot.” Still, it was a shot worth taking. “I knew it only had to work once,” Dave says with a grin.

So “DCMusic” went online. In the span of six months Dave had discovered that his profile caught the interest of “Destiny116.”

“I thought his profile was very candid and forthright,” Freida explains. “And he was cute!” So she Favorited” him. That, in turn, got Dave to check her out… He was immediately interested, thinking that Freida came across as “very smart and witty” in her profile. “It was very well written and had a beautiful photo,” he beams. “And those eyes!”

Still, it took awhile before they decided they were ready for a face-to-face. “After talking on the phone for three months, we were ready to meet,” explains Freida. Adds Dave, “We spent a lot of time talking and getting to know each other before agreeing to meet.”

They met at the Penn Cinema in Lititz, PA. “We saw a movie, then went to dinner at the Belvedere Inn,” says Dave. “I was so very happy to finally meet her. I felt that the connection we had was even stronger in person.”

“I just melted,” Freida sighs. “I was relieved we had chemistry in person, too. And I was surprised at how much I didn’t want the date to be over.” Dave nods in complete agreement. “We were so comfortable with each other! We knew we were going out again.”

Freida felt just as confident. She was “one hundred and fifty percent” sure that Date 2 would happen. But Dave doesn’t want her to one-up him here. “One hundred and fifty-ONE percent!” he exclaims.

Was there anything one appreciates about the other that didn’t come across in their profiles? Freida has an answer. “His energetic and gregarious nature,” she says. Dave doesn’t even have to think about it. “Her willingness to improvise and follow along with my quirky ideas.” And was she his type? “Very similar, only better,” he says. “Smart, funny, pretty and musical.”

Dave was Freida’s type, too. She describes him as “creative, brilliant, kind and funny.”

Their only obstacle turned out to be a familiar nemesis of singles who meet online: distance. “We live two-and-a-half hours apart,” explains David. But for these two, it’s definitely worth it. “I never thought that soulmates existed, until I met Freida,” he muses. “Now I know that they do.”

Freida and Dave have some advice to pass along to other hopeful online daters. Says Freida, “Keep believing in love. Be modest. Be your real self.”

When it comes to profile-writing, Dave adds, “Don’t write the usual ‘I like walks on the beach, etc.’ Be original, creative and specific.”

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