Interracial Marriage

Stella & Graham -
Witbank, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Engaged November 2016

Interracial Marriage - He Met His Fiancée 25 Minutes into His Membership | Swirlr - Stella & Graham Interracial Marriage - He Met His Fiancée 25 Minutes into His Membership | Swirlr - Stella & Graham Interracial Marriage - He Met His Fiancée 25 Minutes into His Membership | Swirlr - Stella & Graham Interracial Marriage - He Met His Fiancée 25 Minutes into His Membership | Swirlr - Stella & Graham

He Met His Fiancée 25 Minutes into His Membership

We asked Stella why she joined our site — her immediate answer is earnest and forthright. “I wanted a soulmate and a life partner whom I could love and be loved by, in return,” says Stella. “Someone I could trust and share with.”

Graham is equally direct. “I was looking for a black partner and soulmate who would fill my life with laughter and joy,” he tells us. “Also, someone I can trust implicitly.”

With this specific criteria in mind, the pair posted profiles and began searching for that special someone. “I wasn’t confident at all,” reveals Stella. “But I decided to try anyway!” Graham was no more certain he’d be successful. “I was not at all hopeful,” he admits, shaking his head. “I reckoned I had less than a 10% chance of finding my love mate.”

One month after starting her membership, Stella interacted with Graham for the first time. We’ve been posting success stories for a long time, but Graham has broken a record! It took him just 25 MINUTES to find Stella after signing up. “I liked Stella’s profile picture, although the picture was of poor quality,” he explains. “So I flirted with her via message.”

Stella saw this and eyeballed his profile before responding. “I liked his smile in his profile picture,” she notes. “When he first texted me, I was surprised that we seemed to communicate naturally, as if we were old friends.”

Graham felt the same way. “I enjoyed texting with her. She came across as a loving, honest and sincere person.”

With their initial interactions so warm and comfortable, both singles soon began thinking about a date. “I was keen to see him after speaking to him telephonically,” Stella informs us. Graham wanted to take the next step, but did feel some anxiety about it. “I was nervous to meet her, but I plucked up the courage,” he laughs now.

Stella recounts the circumstances of Date No. 1. “We met outside a Wimpy Bar, as planned previously. We chatted and ordered lunch. When I first met him, I knew straight away that he was the one for me. I was immediately impressed at how comfortable I felt in his company!” She compares their dynamic to that of an old married couple, in the best sense.

Graham remembers a happy thought from their meeting. “I was initially surprised that she was far more beautiful than she appeared in her profile picture,” he says. “I was also surprised that within a few minutes it seemed like we had known each other all our lives.”

Was she sure they’d go out again? “101-percent sure,” Stella declares. Not to be outdone, Graham calls himself “102-percent sure.”

From there the dates came in quick succession and feelings deepened. “I had just broken up from a long-term relationship and I was in a very bad space,” says Graham. “She immediately took me out of my depression as I fell in love with her.”

Stella realized this relationship was special when she found herself thinking about Graham… A lot. “I was at work and my mind was preoccupied with thoughts about him,” she says.

As these two got to know each other better, they found that dating profiles couldn’t begin to capture every aspect of their partner’s personality. Graham found himself “pleasantly surprised that Stella was a very peaceful and quiet person,” adding that he “had no preconceived ideas about her, apart from the comments she had made about wanting someone honest and dependable to share her life with, and to hold her hand.”

Graham knew he was just the guy to do it, so he made plans to pop the question. “We went to a quaint hotel in the country for a meal,” he says. “While we were waiting for our food, we drank a couple of glasses of wine in front of a roaring fire. It was at this moment I proposed to her.”

Stella is overjoyed that her relationship has reached this juncture. “I have hope for a new future,” she reports. “I am very happy.”

Graham is over the moon for his fiancée. “I have been in previous relationships, but being with Stella I realize she is actually my first love, as I have never felt this way before.”

For everyone who still needs to find their life partner, Stella says, “just persevere and don’t give up. There is always someone for everyone.” Graham has this advice to impart. “I think it is particularly important to ensure your profile picture is of a good quality,” he says. “Be very specific when describing the type of partner you are seeking.”

For Stella and Graham, the search is over.

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