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Brandice & Matthew -
Washington, District of Columbia, United States

White Men Black Women - The Wait Was Worth It | Swirlr - Brandice & Matthew White Men Black Women - The Wait Was Worth It | Swirlr - Brandice & Matthew

The Wait Was Worth It

Brandice knows firsthand what it’s like to wait for love. “I would say take your time,” she says when asked for advice to the singles on our site. “And also, go with your gut feeling.” She doesn’t think people should rush into something just because the other party is interested. “Don’t feel like you have to respond for any other reason except that they interest you on some level,” Brandice suggests.

Matthew’s advice is a wise counterbalance to Brandice’s. “Don’t be shy,” he urges readers. For men reaching out to a woman who seems intriguing, he suggests a bold approach. “The worst she can say is ‘no,’ and then that’s just one less thing to worry about. Have confidence!”

Brandice reveals that when she first joined our site, she was a little reluctant to try online dating…again. “This was not my first experience,” she admits. “And I wasn’t confident at all.”

Matthew had also been through the online dating experience before. Though he had come out the other side still alone, he was willing to stick with it. Matthew remained confident that there was someone out there for him. It took awhile for him to find her, but when he spotted Brandice’s profile, he knew the wait was worth it.

Who made the first move? “He sent me a message first,” says Brandice. Matthew adds, “And then we chatted for about a week.”

She felt encouraged by their first conversation. Matthew came across as “straightforward and honest.” In fact, he made such a good impression that Brandice was encouraged to take a chance. When the question of an in-person meeting came up, “I kinda said, ‘what the hell,’” she laughs.

Matthew had no reluctance to go out on a date with Brandice. “I wanted to meet her!” And what did he think when they were finally face to face? “She looked beautiful,” he says, smiling at the memory. She felt the same way. “He looked way better than the picture!”

Their first date was so full of laughter that they knew they’d be going out again. Brandice is thrilled to have made this man’s acquaintance. Their burgeoning romance has changed her life in wonderful ways. “It’s made everything better,” she reports. “I can’t see myself without him!” Matthew agrees. “It’s changed me, changed how I respond to things, and to her.”

They just had to be patient.

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