Mixed Marriages

DeWanda & Ronald -
Spokane, Washington, United States

Married November 2014

Mixed Marriages - It Happened in Times Square | Swirlr - DeWanda & Ronald Mixed Marriages - It Happened in Times Square | Swirlr - DeWanda & Ronald Mixed Marriages - It Happened in Times Square | Swirlr - DeWanda & Ronald Mixed Marriages - It Happened in Times Square | Swirlr - DeWanda & Ronald

It Happened in Times Square

When “BeautifulDW” posted her profile on our site, her goal was to meet an interracial match. In real life named DeWanda, this single woman was weary of going out on the town. So she turned to us… “It was easier than going out,” she says of online dating. We were the first site she tried (and hopefully the last).

Ronald, the man she would one day meet, had never tried Internet personals either. People he trusted did recommend it to him, though. “My younger son tried online dating, and it was good for him, so I gave it a try,” Ronald explains. “Yes, your site was my first [experience].”

He put his odds of finding love at about “10%.” DeWanda was “not too confident.” They didn’t dive right in, either — both had free memberships for six months to a year before upgrading. Within months Ronald had reached out to DeWanda via Flirt.

We asked the couple what sparked their interest in each other. “His pleasantness, his height, his eyes, jeans and t-shirt,” recalls the lady. “He was also willing to relocate.” While Ronald liked that they shared similar interests, it was “her personality” that really popped, in his opinion.

After some compelling conversations, Ronald booked a ticket to the Big Apple. “He came to Brooklyn,” recalls DeWanda. “I took him to Times Square!”

Ronald remembers being pretty impressed by the person in front of him. “I thought ‘damn,’ she’s as beautiful in person as in the pictures,” he tells us. DeWanda felt similarly. “I said, ‘wow, he’s handsome,’” she laughs, blushing.

Their initial interaction went very well. “We clicked at first sight,” declares Ronald. DeWanda tells us “we enjoyed each other’s company. I was 100% sure I would see him again.”

Both parties were struck by certain differences between their profiles and their true personalities. DeWanda says that Ronald is really “very humorous” and he compliments her for being “very well spoken,” which he wouldn’t necessarily have guessed from her profile.

With some perseverance, they overcame the “long distance” challenge. In fact, one particular visit became etched in their memories forever. “I went to Spokane to visit him,” begins DeWanda. “And at the hotel, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!”

The rest, as they say, is history. “I’m much happier now,” glows DeWanda. Ronald is on Cloud Nine. “I’m smiling again,” he tells us. “This has made me a much happier man.”

We always ask couples what they’d like to tell the membership of our site. “Don’t give up; there is someone out there. It takes time, and much patience,” encourages DeWanda. “There is lots of hope [for singles],” Ronald adds. “You just have to get through the rough times with online dating. It can be challenging!”

Ronald and DeWanda, now married, are sure glad they stuck with it.

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