Interracial Marriage

Hazel & Jonathan -
New York, United States

Married October 2013

Interracial Marriage - Love Is a Tall Order | Swirlr - Hazel & Jonathan Interracial Marriage - Love Is a Tall Order | Swirlr - Hazel & Jonathan Interracial Marriage - Love Is a Tall Order | Swirlr - Hazel & Jonathan

Love Is a Tall Order

Hazel and Jonathan are a classic case of the online dating success story. “I was trying to find the man of my dreams,” Hazel begins, “And this seemed like a good place to start!” She was wary at first but ultimately appreciated what our site had to offer singles in search of interracial love.

Jonathan was looking for something more meaningful than he’d been finding on other sites. “This wasn’t my first online experience,” he informs us. “I was looking for a quality relationship, but I had had little success [up to this point]. I wasn’t so confident.”

So imagine his surprise when, after just a month of membership, he received a Flirt from Hazel. Jonathan took one look at her profile and thought, “WOW!” She was everything he could have hoped for… “I responded with a Flirt and then we started emailing,” he says, all smiles.

About that first Flirt…Hazel confesses that when she spotted Jonathan’s profile, “It was love at first digital sight!” In her mind she had no choice but to make the first move. “He was exactly what I was looking for,” she says.

Jonathan wanted to avoid meeting too soon, but it didn’t take long for his doubts to be allayed by their connection. After talking for a while both online and offline, he made up his mind and asked her out. “The more we talked, the more I felt ready to take the plunge,” he says.

His hunch proved to be correct. When they met in person for the first time, all he could think was, “She’s gorgeous!”

Hazel’s voice is full of happiness. “He was really cute and loveable,” she says. “We hit it right off.” But that’s not all — what could have been an uncomfortable situation for some men was no problem for Jonathan. “It didn’t matter that she was taller than me,” he laughs.

Hazel soon discovered that despite sounding rather serious in his profile, Jonathan “turned out to be very easygoing, and fun.” For his part, Jonathan was delighted to find out that Hazel was “extremely affectionate. And passionate!”

Given how well their first date went, it should come as no surprise that subsequent dates were just as good, or better. They swiftly fell in love and happy days turned into weeks and months of bliss. “He popped the question,” exults Hazel. “He gave me a ring on Christmas Day, when we returned from church!”

We asked the couple how things have changed since they entered each other’s lives. Hazel answers, “I am so happy and fulfilled!” Jonathan is grateful that he took a chance. “I now believe in true love, and am so thankful that I was able to find it,” he says. “It’s changed my entire outlook.”

Hazel has some advice for others thinking about trying online dating. “Don’t be afraid to take a risk…send that Flirt!”

Jonathan agrees, but offers this caveat. “Use common sense,” he urges singles. “Take the time to get to know someone before you meet them face to face. Your patience and effort will pay off.”

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