Dating Black Men

Amy & Jimmy -
Davison, Michigan, United States

Engaged February 2015

Dating Black Men - Love Is a Marathon | Swirlr - Amy & Jimmy Dating Black Men - Love Is a Marathon | Swirlr - Amy & Jimmy

Love Is a Marathon

This wasn’t the first dating website that Amy had used. “I started online dating a few years back, as a way to meet people,” she informs us. “I was hopeful I would find love... or at least new men to date.” So she decided to sign up once more, and became “Scout97” on our site.

Jimmie had also tried other dating websites in the past. “I tried online dating to increase my dating circle,” he explains. Was he confident he would find love through a website? Heck yeah. “I was optimistic!” declares Jimmie.

Amy had been a member for approximately six months before she found Jimmie’s profile. “I was attracted to the smile in his profile picture, and what he wrote,” she says. She thought they might be a match. He possessed “many of the qualities I was looking for in a man,” Amy reveals.

Jimmie had been off and on our site “for roughly one and a half years” before they met. After receiving the fateful Flirt from Amy, he responded with an email. “What sparked my interest was her profile picture, and her profile information. It seemed like we had a lot in common.”

Amy agrees. “After speaking on the phone at length several times, I was ready and looking forward to meeting in person.” Given all their promising interactions thus far, Jimmie was ready too. “I felt eager and ready to meet,” he says.

They decided to meet at a restaurant halfway between their homes. “We shared an appetizer and talked for several hours,” Jimmie recalls. “I found her attractive and our conversation just proved there was a connection here.”

At their first meeting, Amy thought, “He is so handsome!” And she was pleased to find that he had no hidden surprises, personality-wise. “We had spoken on the phone quite a bit prior to meeting,” she reminds us. “He did a thorough job describing himself and what he was he was looking for. I was 100% sure we were going out again.”

Jimmie would raise no objections to that proposition. In fact, “we talked about going out again the following weekend,” he points out.

Did they each have a “type” before they met? “Jimmie is my type!” Amy exclaims. “I just appreciate how much of a thoughtful, kind and true gentleman he is.” Jimmie answers the question quickly and without hesitation. “Amy is my type.”

They consider themselves lucky — there were no particularly daunting obstacles to overcome during their romance. “Just making time to be together,” Amy sighs. “I live an hour away,” Jimmie explains. “I drove down every weekend so we could spend it together.”

Jimmie “popped the question” outside one of their favorite places to be together — Comerica Park in Detroit. The things this pair have in common include a love of baseball, carousels and barbeque!

Amy and Jimmie acknowledge that love has changed their lives. Amy says she’s “excited about the future and what it holds for us as a couple,” while Jimmie confesses that he feels “like a better person, and a better man,” since he met his betrothed.

Amy has something she wants to pass on to others looking for love online. “My advice is to be open and not afraid to reach out to someone whose profile interests you, or whom you find attractive. Taking a chance and sending a Flirt may lead you to love!”

Jimmie preaches patience. “Online dating is not a sprint, but a marathon. You’ll soon find what you want and don’t want in a partner.”

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