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Dawn & Howard -
North Carolina, United States

Black White Dating - This Date Didn’t End at the Door
 | Swirlr - Dawn & Howard Black White Dating - This Date Didn’t End at the Door
 | Swirlr - Dawn & Howard Black White Dating - This Date Didn’t End at the Door
 | Swirlr - Dawn & Howard

This Date Didn’t End at the Door

Knowing that her cousin had success with our site inspired Dawn to purchase a membership. Meanwhile, the testimonial of a co-worker who found love online convinced Howard that he should make a run at this, too. Neither single was unversed in the ways of online dating, but neither had tremendous confidence in it, either.

They must have been surprised, then, when positive results came swiftly and decisively. Just one month into his membership, Howard received a Flirt from “LadyFisher” (Dawn’s screen name). What led her to contact him? Reviewing his profile, she concluded that this fellow seemed “very genuine, caring, kind and honest.”

Howard got the Flirt and checked out Dawn’s profile, of course. His reaction? “Very nice!”

After texts were traded and getting-to-know-you conversation out of the way, both singles felt secure in their decision to date for real. “We had texted and talked long enough,” Dawn says. She was ready to take the next step and test out their chemistry in person. Howard agrees. “We had communicated enough via phone and Internet,” he acknowledges. Time was a-wasting!

On the evening of their first meeting, Dawn and Howard were impressed by each other’s demeanor and appearance. He came off as “very attractive,” Dawn reports, and Howard thought she seemed like a “very nice person.” He adds that it was a relief to discover “she was very easy to talk to.”

The date went SO well, in fact, that it didn’t end where they thought it would. “We hadn’t planned on going back to one another’s home, but after chatting for hours, he came back to my house,” Dawn reports.

After this first magical night together, Dawn was “positive” they would go out again. Howard was “100% sure” he wanted that, too.

Now that they’ve been together awhile, we asked the newly minted couple what they’ve learned about each other that their profiles didn’t prepare them for. “How personable she was,” Howard says immediately. He thought he would have to work harder to get them comfortable with one another, but nothing was farther from the truth.

Asked the same question, Dawn responds, “He is genuinely real. There’s nothing fake at all about him.”

Dawn and Howard are happy to say that they feel they’ve found exactly what they were looking for in a partner. He’s exactly her type, and vice versa. “He is my everything, and the main focus of my life,” Dawn marvels. She can’t believe how much meeting Howard has changed things for the better.

Howard isn’t afraid to admit that meeting someone who means so much to him has changed his life. “It makes me focus on making the relationship work,” he says. It’s work he loves doing!

Dawn has a few words of warning for anyone who interacts with strangers online. “Watch out for scammers who prey on the hearts and feelings of those of us who are genuinely looking for love,” she advises. However, Dawn is certainly not cynical about online dating and knows she’s proof positive that it works. She adds that you should be careful “but do know that the one you are searching for really does exist!”

Howard has strong feelings about the right strategy for singles. “Opposites DO NOT attract,” he says, urging people to look for like-minded individuals with common interests. It’s better not to rush; get it right. “Be patient and do not settle for less,” he reminds us.

We’re sure glad to hear that Dawn and Howard have found just what they were looking for.

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