Interracial Marriage

Charity & Brandon -
Virginia, United States

Engaged July 2012

Interracial Marriage - From Boy Meets Girl to Mom and Dad | Swirlr - Charity & Brandon Interracial Marriage - From Boy Meets Girl to Mom and Dad | Swirlr - Charity & Brandon Interracial Marriage - From Boy Meets Girl to Mom and Dad | Swirlr - Charity & Brandon

From Boy Meets Girl to Mom and Dad

I was bored one day and decided to check it out,” Charity says of her decision to sign up with us. Brandon’s motivation? “I wanted a connection,” he says. Neither party was optimistic, though! “Not really,” they reply in unison when asked if they were confident about finding love online.

That being the case, Charity must have been plenty surprised when she met her fiancé a week after joining our site! She reached out to him first, with a Flirt. Based on Brandon’s profile, she concluded that he seemed like a “really nice guy.” Brandon looked up Charity and she came across as a “loveable girl with a great personality.”

Things moved fast from there. “We were talking on the phone all the time,” says Charity. That was the basis for her decision to meet Brandon in person. Both were Christians, so they knew they had that much in common.

“He was cute,” Charity says to describe her first impression of the man standing before her. “How funny he was” didn’t come across in Brandon’s profile, but it definitely did in real life. And what did her date think? “She was beautiful,” says Brandon. He adds that Charity’s profile didn’t convey “how pretty she really was.”

For Charity, the first date’s only unexpected turn was “how great we got along.” Brandon notes that, for him, “how many things we had in common” was by far the evening’s biggest surprise. And the question of whether or not to see each other again wasn’t a question at all! “I was very sure,” says Charity. Adds Brandon, “We planned a date the next day.”

Not long thereafter, Brandon had a big surprise for his sweetheart. He tells us, “When Charity was coming outside from work, I picked her up and had a ring in the seat of the car!”

We asked these two to describe the fallout from finding love on our site. “It’s very much changed my life,” Charity says of meeting Brandon. “We have kids!” That’s right—Charity and Brandon now have children together. Brandon elaborates, “She gave me the best thing in my life: my boys.”

Is there anything these proud parents want to tell the world? “Be open and honest,” Charity says to singles out there. Looks like it worked for her!

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