Black White Marriage

Ketia & Jared -
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Engaged September 2020

Black White Marriage - This Vegas Connection Never Felt Like a Gamble | Swirlr - Ketia & Jared Black White Marriage - This Vegas Connection Never Felt Like a Gamble | Swirlr - Ketia & Jared Black White Marriage - This Vegas Connection Never Felt Like a Gamble | Swirlr - Ketia & Jared Black White Marriage - This Vegas Connection Never Felt Like a Gamble | Swirlr - Ketia & Jared Black White Marriage - This Vegas Connection Never Felt Like a Gamble | Swirlr - Ketia & Jared Black White Marriage - This Vegas Connection Never Felt Like a Gamble | Swirlr - Ketia & Jared

This Vegas Connection Never Felt Like a Gamble

Ketia and Jared are now engaged, but both singles had a rough time of it before meeting on our site. “I’d given up on love because my last marriage was a nightmare, and I’d promised myself I’d never get married again,” explains Ketia. “But when I met Jared, he changed my mind. He opened my eyes and showed me true love. I am so blessed to find him and have him in my life. The universe had seen my past relationship struggles and decided it was time for me to find my soulmate.”

Jared’s story was actually pretty similar. “I had been in a long-term, loveless marriage for years,” he reveals. “Finding the love of my life has restored my faith in love. I’m just so grateful to God...the universe...that I met the woman of my heart and passions. When people doubt that there’s ‘the one,’ I can tell you that there truly is. And, thanks to your site, I found her!”

We asked Ketia what motivated her to even try online dating, given what she’d been through romantically. “I went there to see if I could find love,” she says of her initial experience, which began on several other internet personals sites. “I came to this particular site because a friend of mine suggested it,” she adds to explain her decision to post a profile with us. “But I wasn’t very confident, based on my past experiences.”

For his part, Jared was motivated to venture online purely because he “was looking for friendship and some connection,” he tells us. “I’d tried [another popular site] before this, but with no luck.”

Three days into his membership, Jared was browsing profiles and gave Ketia’s a look-see. “I wasn’t very confident,” he says of his mindset on that day. “Just seeing if I could find some connection with someone. I saw her pics, read her profile, and reached out with a Flirt.”

Ketia’s brand-spanking-new profile was only two days old at that point. For Jared, something about it really struck his fancy… “Her profile was very down to earth,” he notes. “I loved what she had to say. And she is stunning! The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

The feeling was mutual, once Ketia got the Flirt and checked Jared out. “I loved his profile,” she declares. “He seemed very honest and real! He was very handsome and sexy. But we really hit it off when we started messaging…”

In Jared’s eyes, their initial conversation went exceedingly well. “We had our first video chat, which lasted for more than three-and-a-half hours, and I knew she was extraordinary,” he relays. Ketia considered that magic convo reason enough to make the move from virtual to reality. “After our video call I was so excited and couldn’t wait to meet him face to face,” she enthuses.

Jared and Ketia were fortunate enough to live in the same area, so they decided to have their first date in Sin City. “We met at the Sahara Casino in Vegas, ate dinner at the Northside Café, then took a walk down the Strip,” the couple tells us.

For Ketia there were some early butterflies in her tummy. “I was nervous at first,” she admits. “I just couldn’t keep my eyes off him. When I first met him I felt like I was dreaming, because everything on his profile was exactly who he is. He was such a gentleman, sexy and sweet and handsome...all at the same time. But then when I started talking with him I was so impressed with him!”

The instant adoration was a two-way street, emphasizes Jared. “I was completely blown away. First I was swept away by her beauty, but then she started talking and the conversation was easy. Being with her set my mind at ease. She stole my heart from the beginning, and I literally knew that I loved her in our first meeting. She was everything I wanted. Natural beauty. Personality. Sweetness. Intelligence. Everything about her was better than any dream woman I could’ve dreamed up.”

Pretty strong feelings from both sides of this pairing! Unsurprisingly, there was little doubt that Ketia and Jared would have a second date, and soon. “I was so sure [we’d see each other again],” affirms Ketia. “He told me that he would call me the next day.” And Jared? “I was absolutely sure.”

Most couples cite obstacles such as distance, the disapproval of others, financial concerns, or any of a host of other issues people sometimes face in new relationships. “There were no obstacles,” Ketia declares. “We just clicked.” Jared is in full agreement with that statement. “We have had an amazing relationship from the start,” he says. “We are completely in love and committed to each other.”

There were more happy layers to the onion than their dating profiles first revealed. “I didn’t know that he was so romantic,” Ketia points out. “And he can sing his ass off. He’s so funny. He can do both ballroom and Latin dancing, too!”

What surprised Jared most was that Ketia is quadrilingual! “She speaks four languages,” he marvels. “Like, wow! And she has an amazing sense of humor.”

We asked the couple if each other fit their “type,” as they understood it until now. “Before I met her I wrote down what I thought was the perfect woman,” Jared remembers. “Then, when I met her she was what I wrote down and so much more.” Ketia says, “I’m very picky when it comes to love. He is everything I’ve ever wanted in a man.”

So when did Ketia realize this guy might truly be “the one” for her? “I realized this relationship was special from the first time I talked with him live on video,” she observes. “Especially on our first date, when I met his family.”

Asked the same question, Jared has a more complex response. “It came for me in layers. First, when I read her profile I just knew she was the real deal. Then, when we video chatted my heart was gushing. When I met her for the first time all I wanted to do was sit with her, and touch her, and listen to her, and look into her eyes. What can I say? It was special from the start.”

Given the magnitude of this love affair, it should come as no surprise that the duo is eying the altar. “We have discussed marriage since just a few weeks into our dating,” Jared says. “I am going to publicly propose to her in October. Stay tuned, cause it’s gonna be special :-)!”

“Never give up on love,” Ketia advises everyone hoping to tell a love story of their own, someday soon. “There’s always someone out there for you. Follow your heart and you’ll find the one.”

Jared has some specific advice for the fellas in the audience. “Start by genuinely getting to know someone. Don’t start out with cheesy one-liners or just trying to get in someone’s pants (unless that’s all you’re after). If you want true, lasting love, then you start by being honest, genuine, authentic, and transparent. You start by showing a true interest in the other person. That’s what’ll get her to open up her heart and let you in.”

And once that happens, a whole new world opens up before you both.

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