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Interracial Dating - Fairytale Love Does Come True  | Swirlr - Valerie & Michael Interracial Dating - Fairytale Love Does Come True  | Swirlr - Valerie & Michael Interracial Dating - Fairytale Love Does Come True  | Swirlr - Valerie & Michael

Fairytale Love Does Come True

Valerie and Michael met on the site during the Covid-19 pandemic, and they couldn't be more in love!

Valerie was familiar with online dating, but she never managed to find what she was looking for on them. She tried out our site during the lockdown since she had nothing to lose and nowhere to go, but she wasn't too confident that anything would happen. Finally, a few months after signing up on the site, she met the love of her life.

Michael described himself as being shy, so online dating is the perfect dating experience for him. He tried other dating sites, but nothing clicked for him. Finally, when he signed up to the site, he found Valerie, who would be his soulmate.

Michael made the first move when he sent a flirt to Valerie, but she would be the one that ended up sending the first message.

Valerie expressed that his blunt honesty caught her attention and sparked her interest, "I thought he was cute," she added.

"I thought Valerie was beautiful, and her profile was very similar to mine! So I thought that we may have a lot in common."

After talking for months, Valerie and Michael decided it was finally time to meet in person. After his second conversation with Valerie, Michael knew he wanted to meet her. They had so much in common that he couldn't wait to see her in person.

Valerie flew down to South Carolina from NYC to meet Michael for a week trip. "Since we knew so much about each other at that point, we experienced everything like a normal couple. It's almost as if we knew each other for years before meeting."

Since they were already in a long-distance relationship, Valerie and Michael used Facetime daily. So they already knew what the other looked like. Michael expressed, "I wanted to kiss her for months, so when we met in person, I took the opportunity and kissed her."

Their first date felt like their 100th, the conversations flowed, and they couldn't be more in love with each other.

"It went better than I ever expected it to!" Valerie expressed

Michael shared, "my initial feelings for Valerie were spot on."

Their first date went so well that they couldn't wait to meet again. Valerie was counting down the days when she would see Michael again. "I intended to marry her from the first time I saw her," Michael added.

"I'm lucky to meet someone so genuine and kind as Michael. I thought that fairytale stories weren't true," Valerie commented.

Michael was so grateful for meeting Valerie on the site, "she is the most selfless woman I know. I am so blessed to be with her."

"Michael isn't usually the type of guy I go for. But he exemplifies the most important things to me," Valerie stated.

Michael added, "I've never had a type; I just knew she was the one I wanted. I love and trust her and am fully committed to Valerie."

The only thing that stood in the way of their relationship was the distance between them. But the love they share overcame any barrier which stood in their way.

Both knew early on in the relationship that they were made for each other. Michael knew from their second conversation that Valerie was the one for him, "we spoke for hours and learned what is important to both of us. I know I want to spend the rest of my life with her," Michael added. Valerie said, "I see an endgame, marriage."

Valerie advises all of the singles out there, "be patient. Don't compromise who you are; you will find someone special one day."

"I had all but given up before meeting Valerie. So don't give up. Have a vetting process and stick to what you are seeking," Michael expressed.

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