Interracial Marriages

Marion & Phillip -
Nairobi, Nairobi Area, Kenya

Engaged July 2019

Interracial Marriages - His “Respectful Profile” Clinched It | Swirlr - Marion & Phillip Interracial Marriages - His “Respectful Profile” Clinched It | Swirlr - Marion & Phillip Interracial Marriages - His “Respectful Profile” Clinched It | Swirlr - Marion & Phillip Interracial Marriages - His “Respectful Profile” Clinched It | Swirlr - Marion & Phillip

His “Respectful Profile” Clinched It

Marion joined our site “to meet a comparable man” and Philip’s aim was “to meet a lovely lady.” She was “semi” confident about online dating’s ability to help her find the man she wanted to meet. Philip says he was “hopeful” all this could end in a positive outcome, but probably not immediately.

As a matter of fact it took Marion a year of membership to meet Philip. However, he was new – with us just a month at that point – so patience was not required on his part. Philip made first contact, after perusing Marion’s profile.

“She was good looking, and honest,” says Philip when asked why he reached out to her. After receiving his message, Marion made a point of studying his online presence. “He had a respectful profile,” she reports. With Philip passing muster, Marion responded. However, it was some time before both agreed to get together outside the virtual space. “We talked for about three months first,” reveals Marion. Indeed, this would qualify as the dreaded “long-distance” relationship, so that requires extra certainty.

After sufficient “getting to know you” time, these two made plans to meet. “We met near Marion’s home,” Philip recalls. “We went for a drink together.” When they spent those first few minutes together, these two clicked on all cylinders. “I knew she was the one, instantly,” proclaims Philip. “We were very well matched,” observes Marion.

There are always surprises when people meet for the first time, and for Philip and Marion it was no different. “How easy talking felt” caught Philip off guard, he says. “It seemed we had known each other for longer,” remarks Marion. Both singles were “100%” certain they would meet again, too. “After just a few conversations I realized this could be special,” says Philip. Marion nods, adding that she had the same thought “very early on.”

Reflecting on their partner now that they’ve been together a while, both parties find compliments close at hand. “She is extremely intelligent,” says Philip. Marion appreciates that Philip “is modest about his achievement.” Both add that the other is “very” much their type.

Ultimately Philip popped the question. “He proposed in a nice restaurant in Diani near Mombasa, Kenya,” exclaims Marion. Finding love has changed their lives “in every way,” the couple agrees. “Totally!” adds Philip.

Philip is sold on the efficacy of online dating. “Give it a try and be open minded,” he tells everyone out there who is still looking for Mr. or Ms. Right.

“Take your time and talk a lot before meeting,” Marion tells singles. She also reminds ladies to put safety first. “Consider meeting with a friend as your companion for the first date!”

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