Interracial Marriages

Ully & Peter -
Mombasa, Coast, Kenya

Engaged June 2020

Interracial Marriages - The Pandemic Didn’t Stop Them | Swirlr - Ully & Peter Interracial Marriages - The Pandemic Didn’t Stop Them | Swirlr - Ully & Peter Interracial Marriages - The Pandemic Didn’t Stop Them | Swirlr - Ully & Peter

The Pandemic Didn’t Stop Them

Ully and Peter are headed for the altar – “No proposal as yet, though we are hoping to marry next year, once the pandemic allows” – but not so long ago they were total strangers, neither very confident that internet dating would introduce them to anyone special.

Ully joined our site on a “friend’s recommendation” and Peter says he’d “tried it before.” A year into his membership, he noticed Ully’s profile pop up on his screen. “Her lovely smile” is what stood out to him, says Peter. “So I flirted with her!”

Ully wasn’t terribly enthusiastic, at first. For one thing, she lived in Kenya and Peter in the U.K. However, “his looks, and the fact his profile sounded okay” convinced her to respond. She admits that Peter was “not very” close to her type, or what she thought her type was at that point. “I didn’t really have a type,” Peter notes.

Eventually they decided, “after much communication,” to meet in the real world. “It was a gradual thing,” says Ully. “Getting my head round age and distance” was an obstacle for Peter, he says. Ully laughs that “convincing him Kenya wasn’t so far” was her task to accomplish, but she eventually succeeded “as we got to know each other via video calls.” As a matter of fact, the getting-to-know-you process convinced both singles that this relationship could be special.

Peter says that “once I got my head round the whole distance thing,” the pair met at Mombasa Airport, in Kenya. “He was just as he had seemed online,” declares Ully. “I thought she was lovelier in real life,” Peter chimes in. It surprised Ully “that we were immediately comfortable with each other.”

Their time together made both “100%” certain that this was not the end of their story. Ully cites “his kindness” as something she really appreciates about Peter that his profile gave her no inkling of. “Reality was better [than her profile],” declares Peter. “Life is so much better [with her in it].”

“Be patient,” Ully tells singles still searching for love online. “Take a risk and travel,” urges Peter. He’s glad he got on that plane! But be safe, y’all.

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