Inter Racial Marriages

Suzanne & Dave -
Texas, United States

Engaged March 2012

Inter Racial Marriages - “It’s Like We’re the Same Person”
 | Swirlr - Suzanne & Dave Inter Racial Marriages - “It’s Like We’re the Same Person”
 | Swirlr - Suzanne & Dave

“It’s Like We’re the Same Person”

Dave joined our site because he was looking for “something to do.” He says he was “not very” confident that the outcome would be anything to write home about. Let alone meeting his fiancé! But life does have a way of throwing curveballs at you. Happily, Dave hit this one out of the park.

Suzanne liked our site better than the competition because it offered “bigger variety.” After just a month of membership, she was certain she’d made the right choice. That’s because Dave sent her a Flirt and she responded. And why not? His profile looked promising. “I thought he was pretty before we met face to face,” she jokes. “I needed to see him in person, though.”

Dave was a little more certain there could be a lifelong love in the offing. “I knew I was going to marry her someday,” he declares. So for Dave, arranging a date was a foregone conclusion. Suzanne accepted his invitation.

As Date No. 1 began, Suzanne silently celebrated her good fortune. There was something about this guy… “He is so sexy!” she remembers thinking. “And smart.” There was no letdown for Dave, either. He was quite impressed by the woman standing before him. “She was absolutely beautiful,” Dave recalls.

Once the first impressions were out of the way, this dreamy date delivered the goods. Suzanne says she was blown away by “how much fun I had and how much we had in common.” She says she was “150% sure” they’d see each other again. So was Dave. “She was perfect for me,” he concluded, hardly able to believe it was really happening.

If anything, Suzanne seemed like an even better catch than her profile led Dave to believe. He says he was struck by “how romantic and loving she is,” something her essay didn’t quite capture. It seems like this duo have a lot in common. “It’s like we are the same person,” they say in unison. In fact, they gave the same answer to several of the questions we asked them. Either they’re very busy building their life together, or they really do share a brain.

As the couple enjoyed good times and their feelings deepened, being apart just stopped making sense. It was time to make a big step. “I asked her to marry me on the Gulf Coast. On the beach,” Dave says proudly. Suzanne said “Yes!”

“Don't give up hope. It happened for me,” Suzanne tells singles in search of that one true love of their own. Dave advises members of our site to “have faith and patience.” Sticking to it could help you find your other half!

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