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Brandy & Keevin -
Texas, United States

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Partners in All Things

Brandy was willing to try our site because her friends had recommended it to her. But more importantly, she understood that online dating is a way to break out of a rut in your social life. “You have to be open to the process of change and new things,” says Brandy. She was also flexible about who she might meet. “I really didn’t have a type,” Brandy adds. But this was her second run at it after an unsuccessful experience in the past.

“I would say I was pretty confident it could happen with the right person,” says Keevin, who was also making his second foray into the online dating universe. “I had a friend who had been using online dating with some success.”

A few weeks into his membership, Keevin saw Brandy’s profile. It had only been up for 5 days. “I sent her a Flirt followed by a message,” he says.

Writing back and forth, the duo found lots to like about each other. Extolling those virtues, Brandy says Keevin seemed “intelligent, funny, interesting, kind” and he describes her as “sweet and smart, with a great sense of humor. There was something special about her from the moment we first spoke.”

Keevin also won Brandy over when it came time to meet in person. “His enthusiasm to meet with me” convinced Brandy to take the plunge and carry on their conversation in the real world. There was no letdown when they laid eyes on each other. “He was exactly as he said he was,” Brandy notes. “Thoughtful and handsome!”

Keevin wasn’t disappointed, either. “She was as beautiful as her pics!” he says. “But she also has a beautiful heart.” The date was so good it seemed to go by in a blur. “Time flew by,” Brandy says. “It was so comfortable.”

These two are now dating exclusively. “My type really varies, so I can't say she was an exact type I was looking for,” Keevin says. “But it has been quite profound because I wasn't sure I'd find love like this again.”

“Finding love is life changing,” agrees Brandy. “It makes my days brighter knowing I have a partner in all things.”

With most of our readership being singles still looking for a romance that can stand the test of time, we ask couples who have found a special connection to share their insights into the process. What helped them be successful? Brandy is happy to advise. “I recommend that people ‘get out of their own way,’” she says. “Be open to change.”

“I would say to be genuine and true to who you really are,” Keevin suggests.

We’re pulling for them to share many happy years together—and for you to find your own Brandy or Keevin! Good luck.

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