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Buhle & Clinton -
Gauteng, South Africa

White Men Black Women - Lousy Photo, Lovely Man | Swirlr - Buhle & Clinton White Men Black Women - Lousy Photo, Lovely Man | Swirlr - Buhle & Clinton

Lousy Photo, Lovely Man

This was Buhle’s first experience with online dating, and she shopped around before deciding which site to sign up with. She didn’t want to limit her options… Buhle knew that love could come in any size, shape or color. “I went to a couple of other sites, but this was the best one I found,” she explains. Buhle adds that she was “fairly hopeful” online dating was the answer.

Clinton, the man she met, shares his side of the story — he was a little more cautious in his outlook. “I was trying to meet people, but I was very skeptical [of online dating],” he admits. Still, like Buhle, he didn’t want to limit his choices in a potential mate. It made sense to give this a shot… “I spend a lot of time online, so I decided it was a good idea to try it,” he says.

A couple of months into his membership, Clinton found Buhle’s profile. She had been a member of our site for about six months at that point and was using the screen name “SkyGal34.” He found her attractive and sweet, so he made the first move. Buhle appreciated his gesture. “He reached out by sending a Flirt and a message,” she remembers.

Interestingly, Buhle probably wouldn’t have reached out to Clinton if she’d spotted his photo while browsing profiles. She was a little put off when she checked him out. “He had a bad profile picture,” Buhle laughs. “He seemed a bit dodgy!”

Again though, Buhle is an open-minded person, so she didn’t write him off that easily. Looking closer at Clinton’s profile, she liked what she read. “His profile sounded great, so I gave him a chance!”

Ultimately, Buhle was glad she looked past the lousy photo because the next thing she knew, this romance was really percolating. As she puts it, “We were messaging each other a lot — all day long, every day — and we really clicked!”

Inevitably, the question came up: was it time to meet? Buhle was ready. So was Clinton. “It was the next logical move,” he says. By that time, “we’d known each other for a bit” and it felt right.

Although she’d already decided that she liked him, Buhle was pleasantly surprised upon meeting Clinton face-to-face. “He looked MUCH more handsome than in his picture,” she says.

Clinton was pleased too, even though he already knew his date was attractive. He tells us “I was quite surprised because she actually looked way better than her photos.”

Maybe that’s why Clinton says he was nervous that night. Buhle found it endearing, however. He’s glad she was so comfortable with him — it made it easier for him to loosen up. When asked if either of them had a “type” going into this, they point at each other.

Buhle credits their chemistry to “how funny he is, and how sexy.” Clinton says he was surprised to learn that Buhle has a great sense of humor herself. She’s always making him laugh.

Buhle is happy to report that love has changed her life in many ways. “Life’s not boring anymore,” she proclaims. Clinton, too, has a new outlook. “It’s much more exciting now!”

Our happy couple has some advice for other online daters. “Make a list of what you want in a partner,” Buhle recommends. “And be very specific. Be true to yourself, then look for someone who fits the bill.”

Clinton agrees with that, but has one more thing to say…

“Put up good, clear photos of yourself!”

Luckily, Clinton found love without one, but up your odds and make sure that profile pic doesn’t do you a disservice. Good luck!

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