White Men Black Women

Marisa & Preston -
Pennsylvania, United States

White Men Black Women - “I Found Me a Winner!” | Swirlr - Marisa & preston White Men Black Women - “I Found Me a Winner!” | Swirlr - Marisa & preston

“I Found Me a Winner!”

We asked Preston if our site was the first one he tried. Here’s his answer: “No, this isn’t the first experience I’ve had with online dating, but it HAS been the best!”

Asked the same question, Marisa tells us she was a newbie. “This was my first experience with online dating. I was trying to find a decent guy, and I’ve found one!”

As the Internet personals veteran in the couple, Preston explains what inspired him to try it out. “I have always have been interested in online dating, and very much interested in dating interracially,” he says.

Marisa laughs, “I wasn’t very confident, trying this for the first time, but I found me a winner!”

In Preston’s case, experience was working against him — staying positive wasn’t easy after a slew of disappointments. He was “not very confident at all” that our site would do what the others couldn’t. “I’ve had a lot of bad experiences, but I’m very happy I met Marisa,” he says.

A month after buying a membership, Preston spotted Marisa’s profile. She’d posted it four months earlier but with all the profiles on our site, he hadn’t noticed her until now. Marisa’s photos really popped! “I found her very pretty,” Preston says. “I reached out first through Flirt, then email.”

Marisa perused Preston’s profile as well. “I thought he was very hot, and tall,” she recalls. Game on!

As they interacted, Preston was pleased to find Marisa’s personality quite charming. “She was very nice to me,” he says. “I just HAD to meet her!”

Marisa was ready. “Through our telephone talks, I just decided it was time to meet him,” she says. In person she was struck by “how sweet he was.” What’s more, his fashion sense seemed well above average. “He knows how to dress!” she proclaims.

Preston was surprised to learn “how smart she is.” He also felt “very sure” there would be another date, and not too far down the road. Marisa agrees — she had “no doubt whatsoever” that they would see each other again. “He was very similar to my type,” she informs us.

Preston notes that Marisa was “not at all” like the women he had dated previously. Still, he was “very happy” to make her acquaintance. These days, the duo see a lot of each other and this is looking like the real thing. “He has made me very happy,” Marisa says, beaming. Preston is brimming with hope for the future. “She has made me complete,” he says.

And now their story is complete, too.

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