Mixed Marriages

Juliet & Habib -
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Married September 2019

Mixed Marriages - “That’s My Boo Right There!” | Swirlr - Juliet & Habib Mixed Marriages - “That’s My Boo Right There!” | Swirlr - Juliet & Habib Mixed Marriages - “That’s My Boo Right There!” | Swirlr - Juliet & Habib

“That’s My Boo Right There!”

We asked Juliet and Habib what prompted them to take their search for love online. “What can I say?” Juliet muses aloud, pondering the question. “I just wanted to find love!” She adds that “it was pretty hard finding physical friends.”

“I have always known that there was someone out there waiting for me to find her,” declares Habib, “so I thought one of the best places to search was online.”

Sounds like these two had a pretty specific gauge of confidence, going in: Juliet puts hers at “50%,” while Habib’s dipped to “40%,” he tells us. But they got lucky. Just three months after Habib signed up, and three DAYS after Juliet posted her profile, these two connected on our site. “LovDave” and “Rapunzellll”(their usernames) noticed each other!

Did Juliet think Habib was her type? “So, so exact” is how she classifies the match. It was the same for him. “101% match,” confirms Habib.

Asked about the exact circumstances of their introduction, Juliet’s memory is a little hazy. “I think it was a Flirt? No, it was an instant message!” she laughs. She says that Habib’s profile sparked his interest because “what he was searching for was simple and straight-forward.” Reviewing Juliet’s profile, Habib was taken with her honest energy. “She’s like an open book,” is how he puts it. “Full of inspiration.”

It was soon overwhelmingly clear that they should meet in person. “Seriously,” marvels Juliet. “It just came like a tsunami! I knew in my spirit [I was ready to meet him]. He’s so funny!”

It wasn’t a tough call for Habib, either. “She’s so caring and makes me laugh,” says Habib. “I could see in her heart that she was sincere, and truly knew what she wants.”

Juliet and Habib are always making each other laugh, even in the course of this interview. It’s no surprise that their first date was full of mirth. A place called Maserie Restaurant was their rendezvous point. “We ate and talked about past jokes,” recalls Juliet. Habib nods emphatically. “We were always laughing!”

From the moment he walked in the door, Habib had her attention, says Juliet. She remembers thinking, “OMG... that’s my boo right there!” Habib’s first thought, upon seeing Juliet, was “This one is mine.”

It seems the pair felt a chemistry that was combustible, right away. “We clicked like we’ve been doing it a thousand years already,” Juliet tells us. Habib puts in, “We liked the same meals! It was really romantic.”

After adding similar taste in cuisine to their list of commonalities, Juliet and Habib were pretty certain this wasn’t a one-and-done kind of date. Juliet laughs and says she was “101%” certain they’d go out again. “Hahaha, who wouldn’t [want to go out again]?” notes Habib. “It was perfect!”

We asked the new couple if there was anything important that the dating profiles didn’t express about each other. “He’s always making sure I’m well fed!” Juliet observes. “She always wanna know if I’m happy, or worried about something,” Habib says. It’s something he appreciates about her.

Juliet and Habib hadn’t told us yet that they hail from different countries! That can be a real obstacle for new couples, and it was much the same here. “Getting a visa” is the issue that both cite when asked what got in the way of their getting together. However, both say that even living in far-flung places they knew this relationship was special.

Which is a good segue to what happened next… Here’s Juliet’s account. “He said, ‘I have loved before, but there’s something special about this love… I’m scared of losing you, and I wouldn’t let that happen. You’ve brought joy into my life, and I can’t thank you enough for this. Baby, will you be my wife? To love and to hold, in rich and poor, bones of my bones, flesh of my flesh, till death do us part?’ I said YES! Hahaha!”

Juliet’s jubilant reaction filled Habib with joy of his own. He remembers thinking, “Holy wow… This is my dream come true!” For Juliet, the big question was a no-brainer. “I live every moment in love… every breath counts… I’m living my best life,” she says.

Here are the happy couple’s online dating tips. “Just be true to yourself,” Juliet tells us. “No games. Be real.”

“If you find her, don’t play games,” Habib urges the fellas. “Just do it right. Do not waste any time thinking.”

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