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Alicia & Jason -
Michigan, United States

Date Black Women - It Was Immediately Awesome | Swirlr - Alicia & Jason Date Black Women - It Was Immediately Awesome | Swirlr - Alicia & Jason Date Black Women - It Was Immediately Awesome | Swirlr - Alicia & Jason Date Black Women - It Was Immediately Awesome | Swirlr - Alicia & Jason

It Was Immediately Awesome

While Alicia longed for love, she wasn’t having much luck with dating the old fashioned way. So she turned her attention to the online personals scene... “I wanted to try something different,” Alicia explains. “The people I was meeting in person didn’t seem like a good fit.” To take a more targeted approach to meeting single men, she signed up on our site.

With Jason’s busy schedule, he just wasn’t finding time for traditional social activities. This led him to explore the online option. “Spending a lot of time at work and such makes it hard to casually meet people while out and about,” he says.

Alicia didn’t go in brimming with confidence. She admits to having doubts that Internet dating would work in her case. “I didn’t feel it was for me,” she says. Meanwhile, Jason was a bit more optimistic. “I just knew it was probably worth a shot,” he tells us.

They met absurdly quickly. Less than a week into Alicia’s membership and two weeks into Jason’s, they clicked. “I sent her an email through the site,” Jason recalls. He had seen her profile and thought she was the kind of person who might be a good match for him.

After a little getting-to-know-you communication, the pair felt ready to take their conversation offline. “I was really excited to meet her,” Jason says. “She seemed like everything I was looking for in a partner.” Happily, Alicia was on board with that. “I was nervous, but he seemed totally awesome!”

Meeting face to face for the first time, both singles saw the potential here. “I thought he was handsome and I was excited to see where the date went,” Alicia reports. Jason tells us that she looked beautiful that night. He felt fortunate to have met her.

It was an interesting date in other ways, too. “We went to an art museum and there was a particular exhibit that was intense with the nudity,” Jason laughs. They got over any embarrassment quickly though. When it was time to say goodbye, both were interested in seeing where things went from there. Jason just hoped that Alicia said “yes” to an another invite. “I knew I was going to try my best to see her again,” he declares.

At that time, Alicia was “pretty sure we were going to go on a second date.” She came away impressed. “He seemed a lot more caring in person, and that is something that really can’t be put in a profile.”

Jason also thought that her online persona didn’t fully capture the real Alicia. “I feel like her personality is strong, and that’s hard to put into words on a profile, but I like it,” he says.

Their subsequent dates only added to the positive vibes. “I haven’t really dated guys who I thought were my type,” observes Alicia. All that changed when she met Jason. “He’s a blast to be around, and I look forward to spending more time with him!”

On his end of it, their compatibility is not a question mark. “I don’t really have much of a ‘type’ except that she is true to Christianity, and that’s something I was looking for,” Jason explains. “I really enjoy spending time with her, and I’m incredibly optimistic about where this is going.”

To others on our site, Alicia advices authenticity. “Just be yourself,” she says. “Put what you really want in your profile. It may steer some away, but genuine people will contact you.”

Jason agrees. “Be honest about yourself in your profile, but keep things positive. Look for the people you’re really interested in and send them a genuine message.”

You might also consider going to an art museum on your first date!

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