Interracial Dating

Lotus35 & Brian -
Texas, United States

Interracial Dating - What He Lacks in Height, He Has in Heart | Swirlr - Lotus35 & Brian Interracial Dating - What He Lacks in Height, He Has in Heart | Swirlr - Lotus35 & Brian Interracial Dating - What He Lacks in Height, He Has in Heart | Swirlr - Lotus35 & Brian

What He Lacks in Height, He Has in Heart

When “Lotus35” met “Brian26,” the numbers added up perfectly. Both singles came to our site looking for love, and that’s just what they found. Behind the usernames were Ade and Brian, two normal people who wanted to build a long-term relationship.

This was Brian’s first foray into the Internet personals sphere. “I was ready to settle down,” he says. “But I was not very confident of finding love online.” Ade was a bit more optimistic. “I always try to think positive,” she says. “I had used other sites before.”

A year into his tenure with us, Brian discovered Ade’s profile. “She was totally my type,” he says. So he decided to tap out a message to her…

“Brian reached out to me through instant messaging on the site,” Ade remembers. A quick look at his profile was all she needed to conclude that Brian was a potential match. And after a brief correspondence, she was ready to meet him in person. “I hate wasting time, and like to move forward,” Ade says about herself.

In the flesh, Ade found Brian “handsome and pleasant. He is totally my type, just a little shorter than what I have dated in the past.” Brian remembers thinking Ade was “beautiful” and “sweet.” For him, “the comfort level was there” right away. Ade agrees. She notes that she was surprised by how relaxed she found herself around him. After this encounter, Ade was positive that they would see each other again. Brian was “100% certain” he’d be amenable to that!

So this duo went out on more dates. Getting to know Brian better, Ade found something very charming about him that didn’t come across in his dating profile… She tells us that she really appreciates “how innocent he is.” Brian doesn’t think Ade’s profile fully captured “how shy she is.” It is a quality he finds endearing.

Her new relationship has broadened Ade’s horizons and brightened her days. “I’m more happy, and my family says that I have a ‘glow’ about me,” Ade relays, laughing. She is delighted to have met Brian and feels very fortunate right now. Her man has also noticed a change in his disposition. “I’m more happy and confident about the future,” Brian notes. Having a loyal partner by your side will do that!

Ade is worried that other singles will be too picky with their preferences and miss out on a meaningful relationship. “Be more open in regard to dating someone from another state, or even another continent,” she says. Ade has another important piece of advice to impart: “Stay positive, and do not allow anyone to discourage you from online dating. Know that you have a greater chance of meeting people online than you do on your own.”

With Ade touting the efficacy of online dating Brian provides a reality check, reminding us that disappointment can be a common part of the process. “Don’t give up too quickly, and know that one bad experience should shape other decisions,” he advises. “Keep an open mind and know that even if one person doesn’t work out for you on the site, the next person may be really good for you!”

All it takes is one.

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