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Tia & Joe -
Orlando, United States

Black And White Singles - His Sincerity Melted Her Heart | Swirlr - Tia & Joe Black And White Singles - His Sincerity Melted Her Heart | Swirlr - Tia & Joe Black And White Singles - His Sincerity Melted Her Heart | Swirlr - Tia & Joe Black And White Singles - His Sincerity Melted Her Heart | Swirlr - Tia & Joe

His Sincerity Melted Her Heart

“In the area where I live, it was hard to figure out which guys dated interracially and which didn’t,” Tia explains. She says that while our site is the first online personals service she’s used, she’s been “on and off” it over the last four years. For Tia, like many singles, her happiness was not an overnight success.

What led Joe to venture online? Meeting people through traditional means hadn’t produced a “keeper.” His nightlife experiences were particularly underwhelming. “Relationships found at bars and clubs never worked out for me,” Joe tells us. “I was pretty confident [about online dating] considering that meeting someone online typically leads to relationships based more on communication… as opposed to the physical aspect and alcohol. But you have to be open-minded.”

Tia was disillusioned with dating in general, so she didn’t have high hopes before meeting Joe. “I wasn't overly confident,” she admits. “I hadn’t had the best luck in love at all. Online dating was just a new avenue for me to try.”

Joe was only a member for a couple of weeks before he received a Flirt from Tia. She reached out because she couldn’t help herself. “I thought at first that he was going to be a player of some sort, but his profile piqued my curiosity so much that I just had to find out,” Tia says. “Everything that I was looking for and wanting, he is!”

After receiving the Flirt, Joe checked out the sender’s profile. Was Tia his type? “Dead on!” he declares. “I thought she was very, very cute and I loved her bio,” he says.

Email, live chat and phone conversations confirmed that the romantic spark was lit. “We hit it off immediately,” Tia says. “After chatting with him, I thought he was sooo sweet and so sincere that my heart practically melted on the spot!”

“Our conversations on the phone just went on and on,” adds Joe. “Talking to her was the highlight of my day.”

The chemistry, common goals and compatible interests were in place. Was the desire to date here as well? “After talking to him just a few times, I just couldn't get enough,” Tia gushes. “I wanted to always be in contact with him. He was so genuinely interested that it made me feel more special than I ever had before.”

Joe flew to Florida for their first meeting and a weekend trip. He wasn’t disappointed by the woman who awaited him. “She was absolutely gorgeous!” he remembers. Tia’s feelings were similar. “He was so incredibly handsome that I was so nervous I couldn’t even look him in the eye,” she laughs.

After those initial jitters, there were no nerves or awkwardness between them. “It was all just so natural,” Tia says. “It seemed like we had always been together.”

Joe says that being Tia’s man is a ton of fun. “To sum it up, she is way more adorable than I could ever have thought,” he says. But their connection goes beyond good times. Tia says she was happily surprised at “how genuinely interested he was in creating a solid foundation for a very nurturing relationship.” This was something his profile didn’t hint at strongly.

The new relationship has revolutionized this couple’s day-to-day lives. “It makes every day better, brighter and just flat out awesome!” Tia enthuses about the pairing. Joe chimes in with the touching statement “I’ve finally found happiness.”

Tia advises online daters to avoid the discouragement that a sometimes-slow process can engender in people. “You just have to stay positive. While you will probably have to weed through some bad apples, the potential is definitely there.”

It took her four years, but Tia found the apple of her eye!

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