When Two Become One

Posted by Ria, 20 Nov

Antonio and Jeannie come from two different worlds but are connected as one spiritually. Jeannie is from Ireland, and Antonio is from Mexico.

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They share the same family values and religious beliefs. Even though they come from different cultural backgrounds, their lives have been infused as one. Jeannie felt like her life was a puzzle, and meeting Antonio was the missing piece that finally fit right into place, which completed her perfect picture scenery.

The day they met in Hunting Beach, California, they both knew that they were soulmates. Since the meeting, Antionio has shown Jeannie what it means to be truly loved, and he has allowed her inner beauty to shine like a star in the sky.

For the first time in her life, Jeannie has someone to treat her like a lady, opening doors, holding hands, loving unconditionally, and accepting her as she is. Jeannie expresses, "our love is like a stone that has molded into a precious stone."

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  1.   MEricM says:
    Posted: 08 Dec 23

    Wow, very inspirational to see happy couples.

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  2.   Jayden33 says:
    Posted: 07 Dec 23

    Love is a beautiful thing when two imperfect human beings come together in the name of love to perfect their imperfections. Hoping that luck will be on my side, I have searched for so long but I still hope my better half is somewhere and soonest possible fate will be on our side to meet, love and spend the rest our lives together.

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  3.   noble32 says:
    Posted: 26 Aug 23

    It my first time here and my first comment, Hope and pray that I will be loved by one special woman here that I will spend my entire life with.

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